18 July 2019

SciGirls Quest Day 4, Mission San Luis and Human Physiology

SciGirls Quest in the Council House at Mission San LuisSciGirls Quest in the Council House at Mission San Luis.

We had another full day today! We started off our day with a trip back in time at Mission San Luis, to visit a colony very different from the ones we are designing for Mars.We met a blacksmith, militiamen, and sat in a council house from the colonial period of Florida.  Alison Bruin of FSU’s Department of Anthropology joined us on our tour and shared her master’s work on Colonoware from Mission San Luis. We learned what a typical day looks like for an archaeologist and about the many fields of study within anthropology. 

 After lunch, we returned to the MagLab to learn about human physiology at high altitude from Dr. Claire Berryman and her student Cassie Heim of FSU’s Nutrition, Food, and Exercise Science program. They helped us to think about the atmospheric limitations of Mars and showed us some military MREs. We learned about the importance of nutrition in physically challenging conditions. We wrapped up the day by digesting all the awesome information and experiences so far this week and using them to inform our Mars colony designs.

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