26 July 2019

SciGirls Quest Day 10, FSU's planetarium and the MagLab

SciGirls Quest finishing their Mars colonization projects.SciGirls Quest finishing their Mars colonization projects.

We began today by wrapping up our Mars colonization posters and sent them to the printer. The girls have some amazing designs and have put forth so much effort and thoughtfulness in completing this project! Mid-morning, we set off for FSU’s Department of Physics where we met Melissa Shahbandeh, an astrophysics graduate student. Melissa took us on a tour of the night sky in the planetarium and we also watch a show about star and planetary formation and historical models of the universe. 

After lunch, back at the MagLab, we met with Dr. Huan Chen, who shared with us her research on microbial life. We learned how diverse and beautiful bacteria can be. We also investigated our own microbial growth that we had set up in petri dishes last week. 

We ended our two-week science extravaganza with a reception at WFSU where the SciGirls presented their Mars research, engaged with a panel of women scientists, and received certificates of completion. We have all had such a great two weeks, we learned so much, and really enjoyed getting to know each other!

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