24 July 2018

SciGirls II - Day 7, FCIM and Challenger Robotics

SciGirls II at Florida Center for Interactive MediaSciGirls II at Florida Center for Interactive Media

Today was a “tech”tacular Tuesday day!! From The Florida Center for Interactive Media (FCIM) to Challenger Robotics, it was a fun, technological experience! Our day started at FCIM, where Andrew Denard and his staff were waiting to give SciGirls another interactive activity for this summer! As always, FCIM never disappoints, and our girls created a game! Our girls were split into groups of three that rotated. One rotation worked on the graphics behind the game, with Jillian. Another rotation, working with Sebastian and Chelsea, made photos in front of a green screen and recorded sounds used in the game. This rotation also got to explore with the music in the game, using the program, Garage Band. The last rotation actually made the mazes in the game using simple pattern blocks, then translated them into code. When all this was put together, the girls got to play their game, and it’s very challenging, in true SciGirls fashion! To play the game, simply go to http://fcim-web.fcim.org/scigirls2018/group1/. From there, we went back to the Maglab for lunch, and awaited the arrival of Jana and Jess from the Challenger Learning Center. Jana is a teacher at Leon High School, Jess is an undergraduate at FSU studying Environmental Science. Jana and Jess started with a brief power point highlighting the history of the Challenger Learning Centers, robots and their uses, and highlighting some women in robotics! This was truly interesting to us and our SciGirls mission to learn about Helen Chan Wolf, who helped to create Shakey, one of the first robots to use AI, Neha Chaudhry, who created a robotic walking stick, and Ayorkor Korsah, who has a PhD in Robotics and AI and co-founded the African Robotics Network. Then, using EV3 Mindstorms, SciGirls worked with building and programming robots! Each group of girls built a robot and then learned to program it, starting with an easy task and graduating to harder, more challenging tasks! All in all, it was a “tech”sational day!

Last modified on 24 July 2018