19 July 2018

SciGirls II 2018 - Day 4

SciGirls2 visit Novey Animal HospitalSciGirls2 visit Novey Animal Hospital

Today was another fun filled, educational day!! We started the day visiting Novey Animal Hospital, run by Dr. Patricia Novey. Her and her staff greeted us for a picture and we were off to learn all about the day to day behind the scenes of a veterinary hospital. SciGirls learned about heartworms and how to test blood for heartworms, tapeworms, and other parasites our pets can get if not prevented properly. The girls also watched some dental surgery, learned about social behaviors of dogs and cats, got a kennel tour, and saw x-rays of animals that had swallowed foreign objects. We also had a chance to look at the bacteria on our own hands from petri dishes collected on Monday, where some of our girls realized they could most definitely wash their hands better! We also learned about the reception area and wrapped everything up with an interactive game reviewing everything we had learned. Thanks so much to Dr. Novey and her staff for accommodating us once again. When we returned to the lab, we switch gears to forensics, when Kelly Walker, with the K9 Search and Rescue Team came to visit us. She gave a presentation about their work, how she was the first female canine team with LCSO, and eventually supervisor. She discussed how they train dogs to find living and deceased victims in the field. She discussed the Jacobs Organ, unique to dogs, and how it assists them in smelling traces. Then, Barb Whalen, another search and rescue volunteer, demonstrated how the dogs use scent by having her dog find our SciGirls volunteer, Julia. Then, Kelly brought out her dog, who is trained to find dead bodies and bones, and provided a demonstration using a humerus bone, that was hidden. Lastly, we switch over to optics, physics, geometry, measurement, and technology for a fun activity! Caila Deabreu, an REU (research experience for undergraduates) student, discussed her research, using electromagnetic stimulations. Then she led us in creating prisms that project holograms on our cell phones. Once our girls created their prisms, they were all over the room, sitting in the dark, enjoying the views. It was again, a fantastic day filled with so much science! Tomorrow, is a long day in Panama City! We will take a guided tour of St. Andrews State Park and visit Gulf World, where we will meet and greet with dolphins! Whew! So much fun!!

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