16 July 2018

SciGirls II 2018 - Day 1

Scigirls2 2018 geocache.jpgSciGirls 2 Rocked Innovation Park!

What a day!! Today kicked off another summer of SciGirls 2 camp! The day started off with camp logistics, including MagLab safety and security, getting badges, and research surveys. Once all the “business” was taken care of, the real fun started!! We started with a MagLab tour, led by Dr. Afi Sachi-Kocher, a geochemist here at the lab. She walked us around the lab, showing us how the magnets are made and where they are housed. We passed by multiple “machine shops” and areas of scientists working. We, of course, went to visit the most powerful magnet in the world, the 45 tesla, housed right here in the lab! Then, Dr. Afi took us to the geochemistry area and she walked us all around. Geochemistry involves both geology and chemistry. Geochemists analyze rain water, lakes, even meteorites in both solid form and liquid form, among many other “rocky” things! After our tour, we enjoyed a luncheon with 6 female scientists from around Tallahassee. Each scientist spoke about their field of science, how they got there, and challenges along the way. Then the scientist joined groups of scigirls campers to eat lunch, where they continued their scientific conversation. Special thanks to Dr. Renee Gordon, Stem Program Director at TCC, Dr. Christianne Beekman, MagLab Asst. Professor, Dondensed Matter Physics, Roxanne Simpson, Program Director for FSU SSS-STEM, Dr. Adrienne Stephenson, Asst. Director of FSU grad school, Dr. Patricia Novey, veterinarian, and Dr. Julia Smith, a MagLab physicist, for joining us for the discussion panel and science lunchtime conversations! We ended the day with a geojourney! Our girls used GPS devices to track along a trail, leading them to wFSU, where they found a treasure box full of rocks to paint, and painting materials. We then spent a bit of time decorating those rocks, and then hid them on our journey back to the MagLab. Tomorrow brings a day of fun, and a brand new SciGirls experience for this year, as we take on FSU’s Innovation hub, Herbarium, and learn all about 3D printing!!

Last modified on 16 July 2018