26 July 2017

SciGirls II 2017 - Day 8

SciGirls with EGS (Environmental and Geotechnical Specialists) Inc.

SciGirls get their hands dirty with EGS!

 We started our day with EGS (Environmental and Geotechnical Specialists) Inc. The girls learned about the different disciplines within civil engineering from three female engineers: Audra Hayden, a certified Professional Engineer; Christin Gorman, a former teacher who went back to school and is now an Environmental Engineer; and Kristine Obenour, a graduate intern who discussed her experience building a concrete canoe.  The girls learned about soil and how it is often a mixture of varying amounts of gravel, sand, clay, and silt. After seeing how these look under the microscope, they got a chance to get a "hands on" experience identifying each one based on their characteristics.  The girls loved getting dirty!

We moved outside to practice identifying soil types in the field using hand augers. This was a great application of what the girls had just learned in the classroom!

Later, they were challenged to stand on a sand tower that had been packed into a frame and had the frame removed. It was a fun fail! Then they were given mesh squares to reinforce the sand and repeat the same process; this experiment was a success!  The girls were excited to take turns getting on their sand towers.

Lastly, the girls had an opportunity to build a span bridge. With little instruction and only a few pieces of wood, they were asked to build a structure from one table to another. After some quick testing, the girls concluded that their bridges were not able to support much weight.  The engineers showed the girls a tried-and-true design created by Leonardo da Vinci built with no hardware, adhesives, or center supports.  The girls were then able to return to their materials and attempt to recreate da Vinci's design. These bridges were much stronger.

We hiked over to wFSU where we learned about the history of radio and TV including a tour of the display of radios and televisions from the past while learning about the science involved and advancements made. Nipper, the RCA symbol, is always a topic of interest and many girls recalled seeing the same dog statue at Novey Animal Hospital earlier in the camp.

The group was then split in two, where girls got to experience first-hand production, either on radio or TV.  The radio group went to a sound room where they were recorded while discussing topics of their interest. They spent a lot of time discussing SciGirls camp, the importance of the camp being for girls only, and instances they've encountered where they felt underrepresented. This will be broadcast in the future on wFSU, FM 88.9. The other group got to experience the TV side of broadcasting, including producing, writing, interviewing, camera operation, and control room operation.  You will have a chance to see and hear some of their work on Friday at the concluding SciGirls reception, beginning at 5:30 at wFSU.

Today was an amazing day filled with many sciences! From engineering to media production, it couldn't get any better. Oh, wait! Tomorrow is another fun-filled day! See you tomorrow, as SciGirls dives into marine biology at the Gulf Marine Specimen Lab in Panacea.

Last modified on 27 July 2017