25 July 2017

SciGirls II 2017 - Day 7

SciGirls 2 With TMH Animal Therapy

SciGirls with members of TMH Animal Therapy!

Another amazing SciGirls 2 Day!!

We started out today with the Tallahassee Memorial Hospital Animal Therapy Program paying us a visit! We were so lucky to have 4 therapy dogs, 1 therapy bird, and 2 therapy mini horses! Our girls listened anxiously as the handlers of these amazing animals told us their stories, we all just couldn't wait to cuddle with them and have some one-on-one time with each animal! The TMH Animal Therapy group is an amazing group that visits hospitals, schools, care centers, and many more places to provide some needed calming and, well, therapy! It was very clear that these animals are used to interactions with people and welcome it! We are very thankful to Daniela Diaz for hosting this event, and also thankful for the handlers and animals that came to play! Thanks to Lindsay with Snuggles and Lexi with Bella (mini horses,) Sharyn with Rockie (Cockatoo,) Allison with Sally (Golden Retriever,) Mary Anne with Jesse (Golden Retriever,) Preston with Kosmo (Jack Russell Terrier,) and Bobbie and Sybil with Kassie (Golden Retriever!) And, of course, we can't forget Reggie (the terrier that came along with the mini horses!)

After our therapy session, we ate lunch and practiced being engineers by building telescopes! Each girl got their own kit with instructions to build a 30x magnification telescope to take home! This was fun as we all had our hands on building, but quickly learned that instructions are very important!

Then, we were off to the FSU Psychology Building for a learning session all about Neuroscience! Led by Alexandria Meyer, Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology, our girls learned all about measuring the neural response to making mistakes. 3 of our scigirls got to wear EEG caps, which measure the on-going electrical activity at the scalp, while playing a game on the computer where they had to make fast responses. After the game is completed, Ms. Meyer and her staff time-lock the activity that happened during correct responses and during mistakes and then average all those trials together to get an ERN, error-related negativity. We learned that error-related brain activity has been studied for almost 30 years, and that our brains respond in similar ways when we make mistakes. It is thought that this brain activity occurs so that people can notice when they make mistakes and then do something differently next time.

While waiting for groups to do the neuroscience activity, we had some fun little activities planned for our girls. Each scigirl got to make and take energy conversion cars and "scooterbots," as well as paint our nails with some UV color-changing nail polish!

Another amazing SciGirls day was had! Tomorrow, we look forward to engineering with EGS/ATKINS and broadcasting over at wFSU! 

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