20 July 2017

SciGirls II 2017 - Day 4

 SciGirls in front of Novey Animal Hospital

SciGirls in front of Novey Animal Hospital

What an amazing full day! This morning, we had the pleasure of being welcomed into Novey Animal Hospital, where we learned all about veterinarian medicine. From the front desk reception to learning about parasite prevention, our girls learned it all! The word of the morning was, "prevention," as girls saw actual heartworms, tapeworms, and even fleas! We also took a tour through the hospital and saw where the dogs and cats are boarded and surgical areas. We even got to see some surgical procedures! Our girls got lots of goodies, both for them and for their furry friends at home! We also met seven kittens and cats looking for homes and Winston, the vet's cat, who is in charge of socializing the kittens. Winston also serves as the blood donor and demonstration cat whenever necessary! Novey Animal Hospital always does an incredible job of making our girls feel welcome. We are very appreciative of all they do for us and for the community!

After a quick lunch, we were off to the Florida Center for Interactive Media (FCIM). Here we learned all about new technologies, including Virtual Reality, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and projection mapping! Our girls were able to play in a virtual world, moving balls into buckets, and step into some of the murals that are present at the Florida House of Representatives Chamber. With AI, we created creatures, and then asked the computer to identify them. To do this, AI needs three characteristics. It needs to understand the questions, understand the answers, and know the logic and thinking process behind it all! Here we also got to learn about how the computer learns to recognize with a fun program/game at https://quickdraw.withgoogle.com.

Each year, we are blown away by the technologies that FCIM introduces us to! We are so appreciative of Andrew Dennard and his staff for always allowing us to come in, interrupt their day, and showing us the latest and greatest in technology!

Tomorrow, we yet again switch gears, as we dive into astronomy and cool off at Wakulla Springs! It will be an amazing day to round out our first amazing week of SciGirls 2 2017!!!

Last modified on 26 July 2017