28 July 2017

SciGirls II 2017 - Day 10

SciGirls2 2017 Day 10

SciGirls II on our last day of camp. So sad to see it end!

Another spectacular SciGirls Summer is coming to an end. It's been an amazing two weeks, as our girls have worked together and bonded, learning more about STEM fields, and about themselves.

Today, our girls thought about their futures. Each girl was given an opportunity to research a possible career path, including their education along the way, from challenges in high school to the amount of schooling needed, and eye opening reality check concerning tuition! After researching, girls created displays of their findings that will be showcased at tonight's reception.

No SciGirls day is complete without some hands-on science! Today, we had a visit from Southeast Archeological Center - National Park Service. Thanks to Dr. Katie Miyar, Dr. Hillary Conley, Megan Merrick, Brittney Shields, Megan Williamson, Edith Gregory, Paige Hawthorne, and Heather Young for showing our girls all that goes into archeology. Archeology is the study of ancient people and the things they left behind. Archeologists study artifacts from long ago to learn more about the past. 

Our girls were given a scenario in which an archeological site at the MagLab had been looted. The girls had to visit the site and document the damage, record the size of the illegal digging, recover artifacts in the distrubed area using scientific methods, and then work in the lab to analyze the artifacts and the confiscated human remains, and interpret the findings for a report. 

Tonight, we look forward to our annual SciGirls Reception! First we will hear from former SciGirl campers, Stephanie Reynolds, Janessa Sullivan, and Mei Maddox. These women have continued their love for science and will share with the audience their journeys since scigirls in the STEM fields. In addition, our girls are extremely anxious to get to view the news broadcasts they recorded at wFSU on Day 8. It will prove to be an amazing, but bittersweet night, as we say goodbye to another group of fabulous campers.

As for now, this is Brynn Wallace and Kelly Pagan signing out! We'll see you next summer! SciGirls ROCKS!

Last modified on 28 July 2017