26 July 2018

SciGirls I 2018 - Day 9

 SciGirls 1 2018 stairsSciGirls 1 2018 stairs

Chef Paula and her Fresh From Florida team hosted us this morning with a delicious, engaging culinary science experience. We were reminded of the differences between physical and chemical changes, acids and bases, as well as fruits and vegetables (hint: it’s all about the seeds!) Chef Paula encouraged us to be good tasters, being willing to taste new things or things we’ve tried before previously but didn’t enjoy. Since our taste buds can change, it can often take 10 to 15 tastes of the same item to develop a taste for it. Our SciGirls were certainly good tasters as they devoured southwestern scrambled eggs, fresh garden salsa and watermelon pizza. We also learned about free radicals and the importance of fresh produce rich in nutrition, like Vitamins A, C, and K.  “Eating the rainbow” can help with this. Chef Paula’s group gifted us with a bag of kitchen gear to help us carry over the lessons we learned today.

This afternoon Roxanne Simpson, director of FSU-STEM returned to challenge us with a variety of STEM activities. Groups traveled through four different stations and worked collaboratively. One station required the girls to solve and create riddles. Another “eggcellent” station had teams create a device for transporting eggs safely from various heights. Teams also had to figure out how to cut an index card so that it stays connected but has an opening large enough for a person to walk through it. One group made one large enough for the whole group to fit inside the index card! The last station was the tower station where we designed and constructed the strongest and tallest tower possible using dry spaghetti noodles and marshmallows. We definitely have future engineers in our group!

We are so sad that tomorrow is our final day of SciGirls 2018. As we conclude our time together we will DIG into archaeology and prepare to celebrate our wonderful two week experience.

Last modified on 27 July 2018