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25 July 2018

SciGirls I 2018 Day - 8

SciGirls1 2018 wfsuSciGirls1 2018 wfsu

Day 8 of SciGirls took us to WFSU to learn about radio and television production.  After a tour of the WFSU station and collection of antique radio/television equipment, we took turns participating in various roles. Several girls interviewed each other for a radio broadcast which will air on WFSU in the near future. Other girls worked on a television news broadcast. Some of the tasks performed were: script writing, camera operating, control room operators, graphic design and news anchors/reporting. We have a new appreciation for a news broadcast; there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye

After lunch, we met with female engineers from EGS who work, or have worked in the following areas: civil engineering, geophysical engineering, geotechnical engineering and environmental engineering. After going on a virtual roller coaster ride we learned about the necessary requirements for successful roller coasters. Together in teams, SciGirls planned, designed and created roller coasters with a minimum of two hops, two hills and a jump. Our engineers complimented the SciGirls group on their amazing, “epic” roller coaster design skills!

Tomorrow will be a tasty day! As we’ve learned, science is all around us, even in a kitchen!

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