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24 July 2018

SciGirls I 2018 - Day 7

Scigirls 1 2018 FCIMScigirls 1 2018 FCIM

We can’t believe we’re already up to Day 7 of SciGirls! Time flies when you’re having fun! We began our day with Claudia Miller, a nurse for BASF. She taught us the basics of hands only CPR. Our girls have mastered chest compressions and are ready to step up and help out when needed.

After the CPR lesson, we finished sharing our research on women in science. We focused on the accomplishments of women and also the challenges they faced. Dr. Roxanne Hughes, SciGirls camp director, facilitated this discussion. We were so impressed by the effort our girls put forth in their research and the insightful comments they made during our discussion.

We ventured over to the nearby WFSU station for our next encounter. Tasha Weinstein and her team hosted us for Water Moves, an engaging activity where we collaborated to move water from one large body of water to smaller buckets. Our girls solved puzzles to earn tokens, which were cashed in for a variety of tools used to transport water. SciGirls were certainly creative in their problem solving!

Finally, we spent our afternoon at FCIM (Florida Center for Interactive Media). Andrew Dennard and his team (Cody, Chelsea, Drew, Gillian, Steve and Sebastian) walked us through the steps of creating an app. We recorded voices, designed levels of the game, played with Garage Band to create music and eventually spent time playing the Quest to Quench game we created.  You can play our game at

Tomorrow we’ll put our news production and engineering skills to the test!

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