20 July 2018

SciGirls I 2018 - Day 5

SciGirls1 2018 WakullaSpringsSciGirls1 2018 WakullaSprings

This morning we dove into a variety of STEM investigative simulations using the PBS NOVA labs. The SciGirls could choose which areas were most appealing to them and take on the role of the scientist behind the investigation. Some girls investigated the role of clouds in severe tropical storms. Others played the role of a molecular engineer solving RNA folding puzzles.We explored what makes the sun so volatile and used scientific data to design renewable energy systems for cities across the United States. Cyber Security was a popular topic as we attempted to defend a company being targeted by sophisticated cyber attacks. We also puzzled out the evolutionary relationship linking together a spectacular array of species in the evolution lab.

We spent the afternoon at Wakulla Springs, where the girls frolicked in the water, and some were even brave enough to take on the high dive. We were rained out for a bit, but many girls used that time to enjoy ice cream! On our jungle boat ride we were fortunate to see 24 alligators, 3 manatee, countless anhingas, Suwanee Cooter turtles, green herons, blue herons, yellow crowned night heron, tri-colored heron, snowy egrets, mullet, gallinule (formerly called moorhens) and many other species. Captain Bob navigated us down the Wakulla River, which moves 400,000 gallons of water per minute! Rain or shine, SciGirls always have a good time!

We'll kick off next week with an opportunity to make a connection between art and DNA as well a chemistry investigation with one of the coolest chemists around!

Last modified on 23 July 2018