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17 July 2018

SciGirls I 2018 - Day 2

SciGirls I 2018 Day 2SciGirls I camp visits Diverse Computing

Today’s adventures began at Tall Timbers Research Station as we used radio telemetry to track “quail” and learned more about the biodiversity hotspot with over 1,500 native species. Our knowledge of dendrochronology (how trees age) was expanded as we learned the effects of controlled burns on an ecosystem. Sadly, we also learned that the Southeast region used to boast over 93 million acres of pines and has dwindled to approximately 3 million acres of pines. Although we were unable to call in a bird to the mist net (used to catch and release birds for research purposes) we were excited to enjoy air-conditioned encounters with native critters. We met Otis the screech owl, an Eastern king snake, a gopher tortoise, tiger salamander and hognose snake. Thank you to Kim, Kaylyn, Dianna, Brad and Nathan for creating a memorable experience for us! From Tall Timbers, we embarked to the complete opposite side of town to get in touch with our techy sides! At Divers Computing, we used Wonder Workshop, along with the Blockley app and Darn&Dot robots to reach for the stars. Stars of constellations that is! Our group became two groups competing in challenge to program robots to accurately depict various constellations. SciGirls worked cooperatively on problem solving and both teams experienced success! Thank you so much to Desiree and team for hosting us in the midst of a crazy busy time! Stay tuned tomorrow as we get topsy turvy and go coastal!

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