27 July 2018

SciGirls I 2018 - Day 10

SciGirls I check

We can’t believe this is the final day of SciGirls 2018. We have had so much fun in many different settings, learning LOTS of different things! These young ladies have been amazing and we know their futures will be very bright!

This last day of SciGirls began with an archeological experience. Alex Parsons, of the Southeast Archeological Center-National Park Service, and her team helped us dig into the past! We learned that archeology is the study of ancient people and the things they left behind. We investigated a mock archeological site at the Mag Lab that had been looted. This included documenting damage to the site, recovering artifacts and working in our “lab” to analyze artifacts, human remains and interpreting our findings for a final report.

Our afternoon included surveys, interviews and creating posters to show the world all we’ve experienced during our two week camp. We have made new friends and created memories to last a lifetime. We encourage all of our campers to come back for SciGirls II and after that to return as volunteers. Once a SciGirl, always a SciGirl!

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