16 July 2018

SciGirls I 2018 - Day 1

Scigirls1 2018 groupScigirls1 2018 group

SciGirls I 2018 has officially kicked off! We toured the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory and enjoyed lunch with our annual Ladies of Science Luncheon. We are very grateful to these ladies for giving their time and sharing wonderful words of wisdom with us: Dr. Renee Gordon, Stem Program Director at TCC; Dr. Christianne Beekman, MagLab Assistant Professor working in condensed matter physics; Roxanne Simpson, Program Director for FSU SSS-STEM; Dr. Adrienne Stephenson, Assistant Director of FSU grad school; Dr. Julia Smith, physicist at the MagLab; and Dr. Patricia Novey of Novey Animal Hospital.

These nuggets of wisdom were shared with us during today’s luncheon: After being the only female in her classes, Dr. Gordon suggested you find something in common with classmates to find a way to join in conversations and work together. Dr. Smith started out as one of five ladies in a class of 100. By graduation, there were five ladies out of twenty students remaining! She made it a point to be part of the larger group, not just a member of the female group. Dr. Novey was excited to be a member of her class with 51% women. Although she was treated inappropriately during interviews, Dr. Novey focused on working in places where she was respected. Dr. Stephenson emphasized that being a diverse member of a group is not a bad thing. She reminded us that your differences make you unique and enhance the environment you’re in. Ms. Simpson told us she had to overcome the expectation that she should not work as hard as male counterparts in her career. She told us to remember, “Your goals are your goals, for your reasons.” Dr. Beekman encouraged us with her advice, “If you know what you want to do, just go for it!”

Although our afternoon plans for Water Moves were altered due to inclement weather, we had a blast getting to know each other with some fun games. We’re excited to trek to Tall Timbers and Diverse Computing tomorrow!

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