18 July 2017

SciGirls I 2017 - Day 2

SciGirls1 2017 coding

These girls mastered the art of coding today!

What’s one way to begin a SciGirls I morning?  Try tracking a “quail” using radio telemetry in the Red Hills.  Luckily, after much searching, all five teams were able to recover their “quail” trackers.  The Red Hills area is a biodiversity hotspot of The North American Coastal Plain.  Part of the classification of this unique research site is the fact that over 1,500 plants are endemic to this area, and unfortunately over 70 percent of the habitat is lost.  This longleaf ecosystem is considered a portion of the 3 million acres that remain of this pine savannah, which was previously as large as 90 million acres.  To continue the SciGirls tradition (with a bit of a twist), a peewee was tagged and given the official SciGirls name of “Kiwi the Peewee”.  We also enjoyed the call of the red cockaded woodpecker that is native to Florida and a federally endangered species.  Saying so long to the timbers that cover the land, we then headed in to enjoy lunch and a small critter show-and-tell.  That’s right…. Bring in the Eastern kingsnake, the gopher tortoise, the tiger salamander, the pine snake, and the baby gopher tortoise.  A huge thank you goes to Kim, Brian, Diana, Jim, Mary Mac, Heather, Kaylyn, and a morning rain for making our trip to the Tall Timbers Research Station unforgettable!

If you think the morning recap was something, let’s talk about our amazing afternoon.  We traveled to Diverse Computing, where Miss Desiree and Mr. Noah created an obstacle course entitled “A Series of Unfortunate Events”.  This activity required two teams to input a series of codes and functions to move a Dash Robot with fluidity through coordinated efforts involving team input.  We had to determine distance, figure out speed, and regulate the number of times to use each action.  This was an unexpected but extremely fun activity in cooperative learning that incorporated all aspects of S.T.E.M.  Nothing compares to a SciGirls extreme challenge – and this it was.  Congrats to the 7thplus1 Team.  As our day drew to an end, our gears continue to turn as we get ready to pack up and hit the road in the AM.  What do an upside down building and a boat have in common? Only one way to find out!!!!

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