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17 July 2017

SciGirls I 2017 - Day 1

SciGirls I 2017 day1 group photo

SciGirls I 2017 is underway!

Yes! The moment you’ve been waiting for…. Welcome to the new blog for SciGirls I Tallahassee.  Not only is this a new site, but today was also the first day of SciGirls I 2017.  That’s right – check in here for information on the daily experiences of this group of dynamic campers for the next two weeks.  From making new friends to engaging in hands-on learning opportunities, this camp will be anything but boring.  Our motto this year will be FUN + LEARNING = SCIGIRLS Rock!

As stated previously, today was the first day the girls had a chance to receive official MagLab badges, tour the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, and begin making new friends.  A big thank you goes out to the following guest “Ladies of Science” who joined us for an AWESOME luncheon:  Wendi Cannon, Director of IT @ FSU College of Medicine; Dr. Christianne Beekman, Physicist; Dr. Asha Brewer, Chiropractor/Wellness Educator; Alissa McShane, UberOps; Dr. Sandra Brooke, FSU Coastal and Marine Lab; Dr. Amy Boca-Taylor, Ocean, Air, and Atmospheric Sciences (FSU); and Mika McKinnon, who joined us via teleconference from Vancouver, British Columbia.  After hearing the extensive journeys of this group of ladies, we then took a walk to WFSU to engage in the “Water Moves” activity that encourages teamwork, strategy, and patience.  Oh yes, the game seemed simple at first, but how would you like to try to transport water from a kiddie pool to a bucket with only a pool noodle, sand bucket, or water balloon? Did I forget to mention that you have to stand 2 feet away from the pool to retrieve the water and 6 feet away to deposit the water?  Go figure…. But hey, that’s what we did (some better than others).  Congrats to the Yellow Team for earning the victory.  Maybe everyone didn’t win, but at least playing with water was a fun way to beat the heat and humidity of a Tallahassee afternoon.  And guess what, this was just Day One: tomorrow brings challenges of its own.  SciGirls I….. Are You Ready??????

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