26 July 2017

SciGirls I 2017 - Day 8

SciGirls on the production team at WFSU

SciGirls on the production team at WFSU

Five, four, three, two, one. SciGirls were front and center as they showcased their presentation talents at WFSU this morning, but only after receiving a brief tour of the facility.  During this tour, we were taken down memory lane as we viewed pieces of the Kirk Collection.  The 300-piece Kirk collection at WFSU includes radios from the turn of the century through the mid-50’s, televisions and musical instruments.  We then bounced downstairs to begin the most exciting part of the morning: taping.   We broke into groups to record radio podcasts and video segments that will be highlighted during our closing program on Friday.  Come out and see and hear how SciGirls rock!

We then headed back to the MagLab for an awesome afternoon with Audra Hayden (Professional Civil Engineer) and Christin Gorman (Environmental Engineer) from EGS (Environmental Geotechnical Specialists) who were joined by Kristine Obenour, a Structural Engineeer with Barkley Engineering.  Their session, “SciGirls Get Their Hands Dirty”, was an activity in soil Identification.  The girls went a little bit beyond identifying just the basic types of gravel, sand, silt, and clay.  Soil particles can be defined based on the following characteristics:  gravel is larger than 2 mm and feels coarse; sand is 2-0.05 mm and feels gritty; silt ranges from 0.05 – 0.002 mm and feels like flour; and clay is smaller than 0.002 mm and feels sticky when wet.  Upon the mastery of this test, we then headed downstairs for a little “dig” in the earth to really unpack the wonderful soils of the earth.  Next was a quick detour around the MagLab building to build sand columns that would support the weight of each girl in the individual groups.  Finally, we bounded back upstairs to attempt to make simple bridges with wood stakes that would support two packs of baby wipes – all of this in five minutes.  Did you think we were finished? No. The ultimate task was to replicate a bridge structure from Leonardo da Vinci using only the wooden stakes that could support the weight of a person.  Again, we were given a time limit of five minutes.  Off to the races we were to build, build, build….  It’s so hard to believe, but there are only two days left for SciGirls I 2017. 

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