25 July 2017

SciGirls I 2017 - Day 7

SciGirls I at the Florida Center for Interactive Media

SciGirls I at the Florida Center for Interactive Media

Chopped! 30 Minute Meals! Good Eats!  Who could believe that SciGirls experienced all of these shows in a 90 minute presentation from Chef Paula in the Fresh from Florida demonstration kitchen this morning?  The smells of peppers being sautéed in butter, fresh dill that would be added to a dip, peppers in the blender, and zucchini bread in the oven started a day that was all about exploration.  No, we didn’t just enjoy a bevy of food samples, but we also found out some interesting facts concerning the foods that we enjoyed.  For instance, the chili peppers that were blended in the salsa contain the chemical capsaicin that is a determiner of the level of spiciness.  We also learned about the benefits of companion planting, which is when two vegetables that are beneficial to each other are planted next to each other.  So the next time you plant some tomatoes, consider planting basil also (bugs don’t like the smell of basil).    An extra special thank you to Chef Paula, Ms. Kristi, and Ms. Beth for making our morning brilliantly aromatic!

Our day continued with a return to the MagLab to complete a mini-research project on “Women in Physics”.  The girls worked diligently to find pieces of information on women in this field who have received little recognition for their contributions to the science.  Stay tuned for more to come on their investigation, as many felt they had not acquired enough information to share as of yet….

To end this day of discovery, we headed to the Florida Center for InterActive Media to get an understanding of the rate of progression of technology.  The staff worked very hard to set up innovative encounters:  projection mapping with Ms. Stephanie; drones and 360 video with Ms. Chelsea, Ms. Whitney, and Mr. Steve; artificial intelligence identifier with Mr. Drew; and presence in virtual reality with Mr. Cody.  Unfortunately, Mr. Andrew could not join us today, but we were thinking about him!  There’s nothing better than a SciGirls day…. well except another SciGirls day.  SciGirls voices keep getting stronger!!!!!

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