21 July 2017

SciGirls I 2017 - Day 5

ScgirlsI 2017 wakullasprings

SciGirls I cruising the Wakulla River

Noooooo! You can't be serious! SciGirls I Week One is done and we are excited to share day five with our followers. We started the morning by visiting Dr. Alexandra Meyer at the FSU Department of Psychology to participate in an activity on neural pathway anxiety markers. She first began with a brief discussion on the manner in which neurons communicate with one another and the use of an electroencephalogram cap to capture the electrical activity. After being divided into groups, one SciGirl was assisted by her peers in putting on an EEG cap to measure their neural responses as they played a computer game. The ultimate purpose was to be able to identify the error-related negativity (ERN) of a person after making mistakes. It was so cool to see the images of SciGirls brain activity after completion of the activity. Unfortunately, we all didn't get to put the cap on, but SciGirls are always up to something, and today's somethings included reaction rockets, boinks, rattlesnake eggs, UV beads, and UV nail polish. This all ended too quickly; however, one of the best ways to end the week was with more fun in the water.

After a short trip on the bus, we found ourselves at Wakulla Springs where we began with testing the clarity of the water. Let's just say, despite the tannin, the water is still pretty clear. We frolicked for a moment or two, enjoyed ice cream from the lodge, and then prepared for a river tour where we hoped to see much of the natural wildlife of this sanctuary. Although we did not see any manatee, we did see 18 alligators (last count), anhingas, and gallinules. We even spotted a doe at the water's edge taking a sip, thanks to an extremely observant SciGirl! Just as we pulled back into the dock, the clouds decided to share their contents and it was a mad dash back to the bus to avoid our common afternoon showers. It's hard to believe that camp is moving so quickly, but we are excited for week two. Come back on Monday to see why SciGirls = Fun + Learning!

Note: We would like to dedicate today's column In Memory of Mr. Donald "Big D" Gavin, who was the tour guide for SciGirls I for the previous three years. He always made every tour informative and great, while ensuring that no SciGirl left his boat without seeing a manatee.

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