19 July 2017

SciGirls I 2017 - Day 3

SciGirls1 2017 at Shell Island, Panama City Beach

SciGirls take on Shell Island

Oh what a beautiful morning…oh what a fantastic day! Today we traveled to a different time zone to enjoy the wonders and sights of Panama City Beach. We started the day testing our fear of heights as many of the SciGirls tip-toed across the lines of the ropes course at WonderWorks. Some were braver than others, but this building of interactive science exhibits had something on each of its three floors for the girls to enjoy. From spinning in the Gyrosphere to venturing into Hurricane Alley, the girls made the most of their time here. Lying on a bed of nails was a piece of cake compared to completing the scavenger hunt that required the girls to search the three stories for answers to 22 science-related questions. Our apologies, but we can’t provide the answers: You have to try this for yourself!

Anticipating the opportunity to create the SciGirls version of “Dolphin Tale,” we boarded the Captain Anderson Sea-fari boat for a visit to Shell Island and potential dolphin encounter. Cruising out of the marina, we were not expecting to find the pristine and clear beach that encompasses Shell Island. This was a sight for many as we gathered our Beach Quest scarves, spread them on the beach, and splashed into the water. Our quest uncovered a scared hermit crab, schools of fish, lively sand dollars, and underwater laughs and smiles, all captured on the GoPro. We hated to get back on the boat, but were glad we did when the captain was finally able to spot a pod of dolphins along with a few loners. This was truly nature at its finest as we watched these beautiful specimens in their natural element. No jumping through hoops was necessary to appreciate these magnificent creatures of the ocean. We only hate that it had to end so soon. How do you end a long and eventful SciGirls day???? With compliments from the Sea-fari crew about the wonderful attitudes and respectful behavior of this AWESOME group of girls!!!! With very little left to share, stay tuned for tomorrow when SciGirls GO PINK!

Last modified on 26 July 2017