28 July 2017

SciGirls I 2017 - Day 10

SciGirls1 2017 Archaeology

It’s here and we’re oh so sad to see these girls go. Ten days of interactive science activities plus ten days of creating friendships equal The SciGirls Experience! A big thank you to Dr. Hillary Conley, Dr. Kathryn Miyar, Megan Merrick, Brittney Shields, Megan Williamson, Edith Gregory, Heather Young, and Paige Hawthorne for a lesson in archaeology, a subject that incorporates the various aspects of STEM through the utilization of chemistry, mathematical formulas, statistical analyses, and ground penetrating radar. SciGirls acquired a new term this morning in learning that the spatial location of an artifact in a site is called provenience. Yep, that’s right. Archaeology is a mesh of not only STEM, but language as well. After the artifacts are located, the written documentation must be accurate for purposes of validity and reliability. This was a great way to end SciGirls.

As we worked to complete our poster presentations for tonight, we thought about many of the fun times over the past two weeks. Who knew you could mesh so well with people after only two weeks. Many of us now even have new friends to look forward to seeing on the first day of 6th grade at our new schools. We were extremely anxious to showcase our radio and television talents at the reception, but first we listened to our panelists share their current journeys in STEM. Kudos to Stephanie Reynolds, Janessa Sullivan, and Mei Maddow who we know will be trailblazers!

SciGirls I 2017 has come to an end and to our hosts, we extend our sincerest appreciation and thankfulness for making these two weeks EXTRAORDINARY!!!!! Just remember that Fun + Learning = SciGirls, and WE ROCK!

Keep the SciGirls spirit alive and come out to the next Science Cafe featuring our very own Dr. Roxanne Hughes. She will be discussing "breaking down the barriers that keep women out of science." This event will take place Tuesday, August 29 at Backwoods Bistro 6:15-7:30.

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