18 July 2019

SciGirls Discovery Week 1 Day 4

SciGirls Discover at wFSU.SciGirls Discover at wFSU.

Today was an absolutely amazing day! We started the day at the FSU Textile Testing Lab! None of us, teachers included, knew really what to expect, and we were all blown away. We were led by FSU Professor Tara Hackett. She first told us about her job in the textile lab and all that she teaches college students. In the textile lab, multiple fabrics are tested for companies before they are put on the market. They are tested for durability and functionality. They are also tested for breathability and pilling likelihood. Our girls then completed an experiment in which they tested 5 fibers over a flame. They used a rubric to be able to distinguish the fibers based on how they reacted while approaching the flame, in the flame, and after burning. Most girls were excited when they realized they identified the fibers correctly! We then talked about different types of weaving, and girls practiced their weaving skills using paper. Lastly, they were all given a color test to see if they could put the colors in order of lightest to darkest, which sounds easy, but definitely was a challenge! Thanks to Tara Hackett for a wonderful experience!

Our afternoon was spent at wFSU, where we learned all about media and technology. 6 of our girls went off with Kim Kelling at wFSU and participated in a radio broadcast, while the rest got to edit video clips into one fluid 30-second video segment. They got to choose the music and the transitions from scene to scene, and the scenes themselves. It was great to see the girls use their creativity along with learning new technologies, all while working as a team. 

All in all it was a fantastic day. Tomorrow is our last day of SciGirls Discover Week 1, and we've really enjoyed getting to know these girls! Tomorrow, we will do some math/statistics with M&M's, learn about black holes, and complete STEM stations!

Last modified on 18 July 2019