26 July 2019

SciGirls Discover Week 2 Day 5

SciGirls Discover with Roxanne Simpson after the egg drop!SciGirls Discover with Roxanne Simpson after the egg drop!

We have been blessed with amazing campers this week! We can't believe SciGirls 2019 is coming to a close!  It went by so fast and we truly hope each SciGirl had a wonderful, learning experience!! Today was another fun-filled, but very busy day!!! We started off with Kari Roberts, the "data master" up here in CIRL at the MagLab! She led us through a math and statistics activity with milk chocolate and dark chocolate M&M's! Using random samplings of 30 milk chocolate M&M's and 30 dark chocolate M&M's, it turns out colors are not equally represented in milk vs. dark chocolate M&M's! After all the number crunching, SciGirls were hungry for some M&M's!

Afterwards, we did two activities involving gravity. The first involved black holes. After a quick balloon representation of a star, Aly Troy, an intern here at the MagLab, took our girls to the black hole table! Girls all agreed that they had a better understanding of the way black holes are formed! Also involving gravity, the girls participated in an activity called "Monkey and the Hunter." With this, girls used a laser to aim where a projectile will hit a falling electromagnetic monkey. A few of our SciGirls were able to project correctly and hit the monkey! This activity was a hit and our girls had a lot of fun with it! 

After lunch, we had a visit from Roxanne Simpson, the Program Coordinator of FSU's Student Support Services - STEM. She, along with her staff, led the SciGirls in critical thinking STEM challenges. Ask any of these SciGirls how to walk through an index card!! Other challenges included making and playing with kinetic sand, spaghetti/marshmallow towers, and, a SciGirls favorite, the egg drop! We dropped our eggs from the second floor and the third floor outside at the MagLab, and some groups were very successful in protecting their eggs!

Lastly today, we switched to buoyancy and density! Girls participated in an activity called "Deep Sea Diver," in which they were to create a neutrally buoyant diver. This was messy, but proved to be challenging, as well! Girls had a great time working together and using trial and error to master neutral buoyancy!

It has truly been a STEMtastic week with SciGirls Discover Week 2! Girls have learned a lot of new concepts, explored many different areas of STEM, and made new friends! 

That's it for SciGirls Discover 2019! See you next summer!! 

Last modified on 26 July 2019