24 July 2019

SciGirls Discover Week 2 Day 3

SciGirls at Florida Center for Interactive Media (FCIM)SciGirls at Florida Center for Interactive Media (FCIM)

Another amazing SciGirls Discover Day!!! We started the day with Andrew Dennard and his staff at the Florida Center for Interactive Media, FCIM! FCIM makes apps, websites, and specializes in graphic design and creating websites for different businesses. At FCIM, our girls were able to learn about the very beginning of app building, and then made paper app prototypes to fulfill a need! Some needs that were filled were for crockpot potato recipes, theme park navigation, school planner, and "the music shop." Girls also created new board games by collaborating with each other. They came up with rules, procedures, game board, and game pieces, and then they played their games! Thanks to Andrew Dennard and his staff for another wonderful SciGirls experience.

Once back from FCIM and after lunch, our girls completed a "Grab and Go" challenge. Each group of girls created a mechanical arm out of household items. The arm had to pick up a weighted cup from 1 meter away and hold it up for 10 seconds. Our girls came up with some amazing designs and all girls rose to the challenge!

After "Grab and Go," Dr. Amy McKenna, a chemist here at the lab, came to lead us in an investigation about surfactants/oil and water solubility. Girls used milk (skim, whole, half and half,) food coloring, and dawn dish soap to investigate properties of hydrophobic and hydrophilic substances. This was such a fun learning experience and our girls created some very colorful milky creations.

Lastly today, girls competed in a microscopy challenge. They were shown 9 pictures of foods under a microscope, and as teams, they had to match the picture of the food with the food name. This sounds easy, but, boy, is it challenging! Our winning table completed the challenge in 1.15 minutes!!

Tomorrow will be another fun adventure as we travel to FSU's Textile Testing Lab in the morning for some materials science, and then to wFSU in the afternoon for Media/Technology!

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