23 July 2019

SciGirls Discover Week 2 Day 2

SciGirls campers make circuits with Playdoh.SciGirls campers make circuits with Playdoh.

Today was another great SciGirls day! We are so incredibly impressed with our SciGirls and the challenging, but fun job they did today! We started the day with help from electrical engineer, Sujana Uppalapati, making LED Circuit bracelets! It was a bit tricky at first, but, Sujana helped us understand how circuits work, but, from there, we taught the girls to sew with conductive thread. We had to be very careful to keep the positive side separate from the negative side, and also know how to place our LED's so that they are also on the right side! It was definitely one of our more challenging activities, but these SciGirls rose to it!

After LED bracelets, we continued the idea of making circuits, but this time we used Playdoh! Did you know that Playdoh is conductive? We had fun making "dough creatures" and making them light up, spin a fan, or buzz! Our girls took it up a notch and created their own creatures!!

After lunch, PhD student, Alyssa Henderson, from the Condensed Matter Facility here at the lab, came to help us make crystals! We used Borax and VERY hot water. Alyssa taught the girls that crystals would form after the Borax/water solution was saturated enough. Each girl made their own shape out of pipe cleaners, and stuck them in the solution. They will be growing crystals for the rest of the week and girls can take them home Friday! Alyssa also took some time to show us where she works here in the lab, and all the super secret areas that many people don't know exist here at NHMFL.

Lastly, we ended the day with tours of the Machine Shop and the 3D Printing Facility here at the lab. An employee in the Machine Shop compared what they do to 3D Printing because they start with big pieces and then erase material to make something smaller, while 3D printing starts with nothing and creates a product! 

Again, it was an amazing day and we are so glad to spend the week with this amazing group of SciGirls! 

Last modified on 23 July 2019