22 July 2019

SciGirls Discover Week 2 Day 1

SciGirls Discover at Environmental and Geotechnical Specialists (EGS)SciGirls Discover at Environmental and Geotechnical Specialists (EGS)

What an amazing day with an amazing new group of SciGirls! Today we kicked off week 2 of SciGirls Discover! Our campers came in excited and ready for a week of fun learning! After our precamp surveys, MagLab safety training, and receiving badges, we all got to know each other a bit with a question game! Then, it was time for a tour of the DC (Direct Current) Field of the MagLab. Led by our tour guide, Julia Smith, physicist here at the lab, we learned so much about how the magnets are made, the research that the magnets conduct, and the entire facility! Thank you, Julia, for a great tour and for your time!!

After lunch, we had a wonderful visit from Audra Hayden and members of her staff from Environmental and Geotechnical Specialists, EGS. Audra, Kristin, and Kristine first gave us a presentation on everything civil engineering, including what the job entails and how they got to be the engineers they are today. Then, the SciGirls were given a challenge! They were to build a doghouse that can provide shade and shelter from the Florida heat!! The doghouse had to be big enough to hold "Kevin" the dog, while also being built with enough insulation to protect Kevin from the heat! Our girls rose to the challenge, and each group was successful! Our winning group had a 25difference between the inside of the doghouse and the outside! 

All in all, it was a wonderful day! Tomorrow, we look forward to high tech fashion and LED circuits, crystal growing, and more!

Last modified on 22 July 2019