17 July 2019

SciGirls Discover Week 1 Day 3

SciGirls Discover at the Florida Center for Interactive Media (FCIM)SciGirls Discover at the Florida Center for Interactive Media (FCIM)

What a fabulous day! We started the day right down the road from the MagLab at the Florida Center for Interactive Media (FCIM) with Andrew Denard and his staff! Each year, FCIM never ceases to come up with amazing activities to introduce our SciGirls to graphic design, app creating, and more! This summer was no different! Our girls were split into two groups. One group learned about the brainstorming that takes place to create prototypes for new apps and their designs. The girls split into even smaller groups and came up with a need for a new app. From there, they created three prototype papers of the first screens of their new app. They really enjoyed this activity! The other group of girls brainstormed and collaborated to develop a new game. They started simple, with either dice, cards, or shape blocks, and in smaller groups of 3 made up a simple game. Then, one girl from each group had to move groups, and integrate their game with another group's game. This continued until all girls were collaborating together in making and designing a new game from the game board to the rules and consequences. 

After our time at FCIM, we came back and completed an engineering challenge called, "Grab & Go." This challenge involved using everyday household items to create a mechanical arm that can pick up and put down a weighted cup safely, without harming the cup. We got some really great creations!

The highlight of our day was our time with Dr. Amy McKenna, a chemist here at the MagLab. Our girls learned all about surfactants and hydrophilic and hydrophobic molecules. To demonstrate this in a way we can all understand, our girls used different types of milk, food dye, and dawn dish soap. Girls discovered that food dye is hydrophilic and spreads to the water molecules in milk when Dawn is introduced. The different types of milk made it so that the dye either spread fast or slow, depending on how much fat the milk had in it. Our girls made amazing colorful creations with their milk samples! 

Big thanks to the staff at FCIM and to Dr. Amy McKenna for a wonderful day. Tomorrow we go off campus to the FSU Textile Testing Lab for some Materials Science and to wFSU to learn all about Media Technology and the focus on science communication! 

Last modified on 17 July 2019