16 July 2019

SciGirls Discover Week 1 Day 2

SciGirls with Alyssa Henderson learning about Crystals!SciGirls with Alyssa Henderson learning about Crystals!

Today was a fun filled, challenging day! We started the day with help from Kikelomo Ijagbemi, a doctoral student in electrical engineering. She gave us a quick lesson on circuits before we dove into "High Tech Fashion!" For the next few hours, girls constructed fabric bracelets with LED lights! Our girls got to try their hands on engineering, physics, and sewing all at the same time! It was a challenge, but we stuck to it and most of our girls created beautiful lit bracelets!

After lunch, we played the Microscopy Game! Our girls competed in groups to see who could figure out the different types of food under microscopic magnification. It was a fun time before our next activity!

Afterwards, PhD student, Alyssa Henderson, came in to show us how to make and grow crystals! Our girls used Borax, water, and pipe cleaners to make crystals! Our crystals will be growing throughout the week and we'll get to take them home on Friday! After our crystal making, Alyssa took us on a tour of her area of the MagLab, the Condensed Matter Facility. It was so cool to see where crystals are grown, x-rayed, and used in experiments. 

From there, we went downstairs in the MagLab to take tours of both the 3D Printing Facility and the Machine Shop! It's really cool to take both these tours back to back, as the machine shop takes huge pieces of metals and other materials, and dwindles them down to usable pieces for the lab to use, while the 3D printers are opposite, and start with nothing to create almost anything! 

All in all, it was a wonderful day! We are looking forward to tomorrow at the Florida Center for Integrated Media, and chemistry with Dr. Amy McKenna!

Last modified on 16 July 2019