15 July 2019

SciGirls Discover Week 1 Day 1

SciGirls Discover 2019 day1 at 45teslaSciGirls Discover 2019 day1 at 45 tesla

Today was day 1 of SciGirls Discover Camp! With a fresh new vibe, SciGirls is at it again this summer, exploring all areas of STEM and diving deeper into STEM careers! Today was a fun filled day!

We started the day with our safety trainings here at the MagLab, then off to become official by getting our MagLab badges! From there we played a getting to know you game, and found out some really funny, but interesting, facts about each other!

Afterwards, we went on the DC Tour here at the MagLab, guided by Dr. Julia Smith! Our SciGirls were so interested, they asked so many questions! Dr. Smith was so impressed by our girls’ inquisitive behavior! Dr. Smith walked us around the entire DC field facility, highlighting the MagLab’s 45 Tesla Magnet!

After our tour, we ate lunch, and then we got to explore making circuits with Playdoh! Yep, Playdoh is conductive!! Our SciGirls made all sorts of creatures, cars, planes, flowers, and even UFOs, that all lit up, or buzzed, or had a fan blowing! After making Playdoh creatures, it was time for STEM Skilltastics! This game got our girls up and active, while answering STEM trivia questions! The girls had so much fun!

We ended the day figuring out the secret of the Fortune Teller Fish, and then naming our Flying Pig! Please ask your SciGirl about these fun activities!

Tomorrow will be a fun day as we explore crystals, high tech fashion bracelets, microscopy, and so much more!!

Last modified on 16 July 2019