18 July 2017

SciGirls II 2017 - Day 2

SciGirls2 2017 at the Tallahassee Museum

Two SciGirl Campers up in the trees!

Wow, what a day! SciGirls II conquered the Tree to Tree Adventure at the Tallahassee Museum! 

Despite nerves and anxiety, our SciGirls did an amazing job today! It's always so wonderful to hear our campers cheering each other on and giving words of encouragement, while facing fears! All in all, the course took a total of four hours. One SciGirl said, while up in the trees, "It's so beautiful up here!" It was amazing to soar over trees, a lake, deer, turkeys, and so much more! 

Once we finished the Tree to Tree course, we fed our appetites! Then, it was off to see all the animals! From wolves to foxes, turkeys to bald eagles, bobcats to panthers, we saw it all! We even went over to the farm area and visited the sheep, horses, cow, and goats! One of our girls had a special bond with a horse! Our girls were enthusiastic to check off many different species of plants and land animals on their scavenger hunt! 

Tomorrow is another fun-filled day, as we head off to Panama City to Gulf World! Marine Animals, here we come!

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