17 July 2017

SciGirls II 2017 - Day 1

This is a first day group shot of SciGirls 2 2017.

SciGirls 2 2017 has officially begun! Today was a great first day!

Our day started with a bit of logisitics, as our girls went through a safety training for the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory. From there, we all received our badges to become official MagLab campers. After our girls conducted their beginning of camp survey, it was time for the fun!

A physics student here at the MagLab, Haley Reid, gave us a grand tour of the MagLab. She toured us around the lab, including the magnet shop, where they build some of the world's strongest magnets. Some can take as long as eight years to build. There is a new magnet being built now at the lab, and when it is finished, it will be another world record. She then took us to the most powerful magnet in the world, housed here at our very own MagLab!

Once our tour was complete, it was time for our "Ladies in Science Luncheon!" Thanks so much to SciGirls I teacher, Toyka Holden, for organizing such a fine event. Our girls were able to sit with female scientists and ask questions about their professions. We were even able to teleconference with a science writer/consultant, who has actually worked in Hollywood with projects such as, Stargate Atlantis, Star Trek, and possibly even Sharknado! This really got our girls excited about the different fields of science.

When lunch was over, we walked over to WFSU for the Water Moves game! This is a unique game where our girls have to work together as teams to get water from a pool to a bucket, and face many challenges along the way. It was a great, wet time!

Finally, we ended our day with Jennifer Jones, the manager at Novey Animal Clinic. She took cultures on agar of our girls' fingers, after washing. We will see the results of these cultures on Thursday when we visit the clinic!

All in all, day 1 was fantastic! Tomorrow, we will be soaring through the trees as we take on the full zip line course at the Tallahassee Museum Tree to Tree adventure!

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