Middle School Mentorship 2019

The 2019 class included the following Leon County students.


StudentsResearch AreaMentors
Nicholas Echevarry (Florida State University School) & Cayden Scriven (Raa Middle) Sublimation Turbine Ernesto Bosque
Navya Kommu (Fairview Middle) & Velan Thanasekar (Fairview Middle) Extraction of Essential Oils Martha Chacón-Patiño
Laxmi McGuire (Fairview Middle) & Angela Watts (School of Arts & Sciences) Metronome Synchronization Shalinee Chikara & Elizabeth Green
Alexandria Forbes (Tallahassee School of Math & Science) & Venkat Maddipoti (Maclay School) Optimus Charger: Building a Wireless Transmission Circuit Abiola Temidayo Oloye & Daniel S. Davis
Azavaughn Mosley-Simpson (Florida A&M University School) & Bereket Mulugeta (Swift Creek Middle) Measurements of Tuning Fork Crystals Lloyd Engel
Ani Hatfield (Raa Middle) & Abhigna Konanur (Fairview Middle) Piezo-electric Crystals (Rochelle Salt Crystals) Alyssa Henderson & Kaya Wei
Kavya Kadhirvelu (Fairview Middle) & Noah Summerlin (Cobb Middle) Floor Vibrations in the National MagLab Dmitry Smirnov
Annika Kolar (Fairview Middle) & Sarah Pagan (Swift Creek Middle) Free Radicals in Different Foods Hans van Tol
Christian Ferguson (Woodville School) I’m Not Afraid of Roller Coasters! Here’s Why…. Bob Walsh
Arshiya Desai (Fairview Middle) & Amia Wade (Fort Braden School) Extraction and Analysis of Dissolved Organic Matter From Local Water Bodies Chad Weisbrod & Amy McKenna
Marvin Green III (Florida A&M University School) & Asher Kasper (Maclay School) Arduino Controlled Chiller Monitor Gary White
Last modified on 13 December 2019