Middle School Mentorship 2018

The 2018 class included the following Leon County students.


StudentsResearch AreaMentors
Julian Chavez (Florida State University School), Rebecca Hillman (Fairview Middle School) Defying the Most Oppressive Law Ernesto Bosque
Alastair Deng (Deerlake Middle School), Akhil Walia (Fairview Middle School) Ultrasonic Levitation Lloyd Engel
Laila Grant (Swift Creek Middle School), Annika Lagy (Fairview Middle School) Extraction, Isolation, & Molecular Characterization of Organic Tea Compounds Amy McKenna
Sariah Dallas (Christ Classical Academy), Za'Nyah Wilkerso (North Florida Christian School) Piezo & pyro-electricity in Rochelle Salts Alyssa Henderson
Shaoyang Ma (Deerlake Middle School), Tanmay Haldiya (Fairview Middle School) Influence of Microstructures on Mechanical Properties Rongmei Niu
Trinity Francis (School of Arts & Science), Camryn Sawyer (Community Leadership Academy) YBCO in a Crucible Ryan Baumbach & Lucas Nelson
Gordon Lichtstein (Maclay School), Karthik V. Vedula (Fairview Middle School) Infrared Spectroscopy & Vision Dmitry Smirnov
Caroline Hunter (Raa Middle School), Saima Khan (Florida State University School) 3-Point Bend Testing Cellphone Glass Vince Toplosky & Bob Walsh
Evie Romano (Maclay School), Chayce Clark (Florida A&M University School) Arduino Controlled Solar Car Han Van Tol
Chimaobi Nwabu (Montford Middle School), Sawan Patel (Nims Middle School), and Nicholas Rose North Florida Christian School Arduino Chiller Temperature Probe Gary White 
Last modified on 14 January 2019