Middle School Mentorship 2016

The 2016 class included the following Leon County students.


StudentsResearch AreaMentors

Aniketh Mukhirala (Fairview Middle School) & David Yang (Montford Middle School)

Wave Pendulums Dmitry Smirnov

Shemuel Roberts (Florida A&M DRS) & Michael Sweeney (Home School)

Creating a Data Logger for Collecting Wind Direction. Gary Davis

McKenna Parker (Swift Creek Middle School) & Dimitria Tarkalnova (Montford Middle School)

Extraction of DOM in different tea varieties of different geographic origins. Amy McKenna

Terryn Edwards (Florida A&M DRS) & Evelyn Martinez-Angeles (R. Frank Nims Middle School)

Game Day! Don't Let It Go to your Head. Vince Toplosky & Bob Walsh
Akash Bhat (Fairview Middle School) & Matthew Carpenter (Swift Creek Middle School) Ferrofluids to Fight Disease. Hans Van Tol
Asya Adderson (Florida A&M DRS) & Maggie Hulbert (Fort Braden School) Microscopic Metallography. Rongmei Niu
Spencer Gibbs (Maclay School) & Alex Hu (Fairview Middle School) Optimization and Range Finding of The MagLab's Open House Radar. Lloyd Engel
Gabi Bynum (Swift Creek Middle School) & Catharine Tew (Cobb Middle School) Analysis of Crystal Growth. Ryan Baumbach
Caasi Lampkin (Florida State University School) & Rowan Ray (Swift Creek Middle School) Simulation of Structure and Function of Carbon Nanotubes. Jose L. Mendoza-Cortes
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