Middle School Mentorship 2015

The 2015 class included the following Leon County students.


StudentsResearch AreaMentors

Dominic Andrews (Nims Middle School) & Rohan Davidi (Fairview Middle School)

The Polariscope: A Mechanism to Visualize Stress Patterns. Vince Toplosky & Bob Walsh

Julian Lee-Sursin (Fairview Middle School) && Parul Singh (Montford Middle School)

Building a Solar Powered Car Hans Van Tol

Kenzi-Alayna Campbell (Swift Creek Middle School), Katie Mann (Montford Middle School), & Shae Murphy (Trinity Catholic School)

Molecular Level Characterization of Dissolved Organic Matter in Tallahassee Lakes. Amy McKenna

Sanjita Choudhary (Fairview Middle School) & T. Perry O’Connor (Champion Preparatory Academy)

The Acceleration of Gravity. Lloyd Engel
Tanvi Haldiya (Fairview Middle School) & Christopher Simonsen (Deerlake Middle School) The Alternative to Neodymium Ke Han & Dan Brown
Brodrick Brockman (Nims Middle School) & Joseph Torrescano (Cobb Middle School) Arduino Build Gary White
Emily Abbott (Fort Braden School) & Kira Valdes (Cobb Middle School) Photosynthetic Pathway of Bamboo: C3 vs. C4 Yang Wang & Bruce Barnett
Madeline Feiock (Cobb Middle School) & Neha Iyer (Deerlake Middle School) Crystal Synthesis of Cuprate Superconductors Ryan Baumbach
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