Middle School Mentorship 2014

The 2014 class included the following Leon County students.


StudentsResearch AreaMentors

Cameron Curry (Cobb Middle School) & Colin Tweedie (Swiftcreek Middle School)

Refraction of light through electron paramagnetic resonance. Hans VanTol

Rohan Davidi (Fairview Middle School) & Jennifer Wen (Deerlake Middle School)

Using carbon isotopes to identify high fructose corn syrup in bee honey. Yang Wang

Madeline Feiock (Cobb Middle School) & Gabby Thabes (Montford Middle School)

Solvents, sorbents, and crude oil. Amy McKenna

Mickela Helms (Ft. Braden School) & Mallika Misra (Deerlake Middle School)

Design and construction of an electric relay by reverse engineering. David Hilton
James McGee (Nims Middle School), Diksha Jangra (Cobb Middle School), & Blake Thacker (Montford Middle School) Detecting electrical signals within the human brain. Lloyd Engel
Last modified on 27 July 2018