Middle School Mentorship 2013

The 2013 class included the following Leon County students.

Spring 2013

StudentsResearch AreaMentors

Harper Geraci, Isaac Bakan

We are attracted to magnets; And I’m not even Iron, Nickel, or Cobalt Bob Walsh, Vince Toplosky

Miles Mercer, Brianna Wimberly

Metronome Movement  Dmitry Smirnov

Reace Kaleko, Liam Strivelli

Radar Lloyd Engel

Jackson Henry, Kylan Simmons

Solar Car  Hans Van Tol 
Dylen Geraci  The Speaker Project  David Hilton 

Corinna Carroll, Tariq Gay

Isotopes in Milk

Yingfeng Xu, Yang Wang

Fall 2013

StudentsResearch AreaMentors

Sayeeda Aishee (Cobb Middle School), 

Devin McKenna (Ft. Braden School)

Strengthening of Parmax Through HIP Process

Bob Walsh
Vince, Toplosky

Omie Coyne (Cobb Middle School),

Hana Kiros (Fairview Middle School)

Spectral Analysis of Synthetic Diamonds Dmitry Smirnov

Quinn Huckaba (Fairview Middle School), 
Grant Womble (Deerlake Middle School)

Scanning Microwave Microscope 

Lloyd Engel
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