Middle School Mentorship 2010

The 2010 class included the following Leon County students.

StudentsResearch AreaMentors

Francis Bass, Mel Kochanowsky

Fluorescent Proteins Mike Davidson, Ericka Ramko

Rora Haskins, Haley Madkour

Dissipation and Capacitance James Brooks, Ade Kismarahardja

Amelia Carroll

North Florida Animal Hospital Beth Thomas

Maya Manciagli, Ashley Morre

Time Fountain Dmitry Smirnov
Riley Carson Frequency and Resonance Lloyd Engel
Aleigha Brown, Tadge Haskins Metal in Plant Growth Afi Sachi-Kocher, Nicole Tibbetts, Soumen Mallick
Olivia Merkhofer, Joseph Portillo When O-Rings Go Bad Vince Toplosk, Bob Walsh
Nancy Engel, Zola Hoehn Determining the Ratio of Carbon Isotopes in Lake Sediments Yang Wang, Yingfeng Xu
Last modified on 27 July 2018