Middle School Mentorship 2009

The 2009 class included the following Leon County students.

StudentsResearch AreaMentors

Luna Beale, Ashley Moore

Why Did the Titanic Sink? Vince Toplosky, Bob Walsh

Grant Banfill, Riley Carson

Mechanical Properties of Rolled Copper Nicholas Bembridge, Peter Kalu

Micah Novey, Grace Rogers

The Fluidyne Sterling Engine Lloyd Engel

Francis Bass, Amelia Carroll

Extinction of the Wooly Mammoth Afi Sachi-Kocher
Teddy Bruner, Olivia Merkhofer Solar Energy Hans van Tol
Corey Afton, Tristan Kirby Force Balance Measurements William S. Oates, Farrukh Alvi
Hallie Gaudio, Sylvia Portillo Marquee Lights Phil Kuhns, Arneil Reyes
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