Archives of the MagLab's Middle School Mentorship program.

The 2017 class included the following Leon County students.


StudentsResearch AreaMentors
Abigail Martin-McKinnie (Cornerstone Learning Community), James David Milford (Maclay School) Three Mystery Metals Identified Vince Toplosky & Bob Walsh
Srividya Donthineni (Fariview Middle School), Angeleena Jackson (Raa Middle School) Resistance Change with Temperature Wei Guo & Nathaniel Garceau
Nirmay Bhanderi - (Maclay School), Karen Salazar- Angeles – (Nims Middle School) Arduino Dust Sensor Gary White
Asya Adderson – (Florida A&M DRS), Mary Jane Summerlin – (Fort Braden School) Micro Dynamic Using Density Functional Theory Chen Huang & Yu-Chieh Chi
Catharine Tew (Cobb Middle School), Elan Wygodski (Swift Creek Middle School) Coffee Beans and Free Radicals Hans Van Tol
Ananda Chaterjee (Fairview Middle School), Alexandro Valdez (Deerlake Middle School) Independently Functional Magnetic Train Lloyd Engel
Paloma Rambana (Maclay School), Ian McFarlin (Trinity Catholic School) Building a Magnetic ID Reader Ernesto Bosque
Janelle Cripe (Montford Middle School), Farzan Shiju (Fairview Middle School) 1D Cyclotron Analog Patrick Noyes
Jevaughan Brown (Fairview Middle School), Mahets’i Martinez (Crossroads Academy Charter School) Rochelle Salt: Piezoelectric and Pyroelectric Properties Jennifer Neu
Zita Boutin-Johnson (Fairview Middle School), Oliver Holden-Schrock (Cornerstone Learning Community) Calibration and Use of a Confocal Microscope Dmitry Smirnov 

The 2016 class included the following Leon County students.


StudentsResearch AreaMentors

Aniketh Mukhirala (Fairview Middle School) & David Yang (Montford Middle School)

Wave Pendulums Dmitry Smirnov

Shemuel Roberts (Florida A&M DRS) & Michael Sweeney (Home School)

Creating a Data Logger for Collecting Wind Direction. Gary Davis

McKenna Parker (Swift Creek Middle School) & Dimitria Tarkalnova (Montford Middle School)

Extraction of DOM in different tea varieties of different geographic origins. Amy McKenna

Terryn Edwards (Florida A&M DRS) & Evelyn Martinez-Angeles (R. Frank Nims Middle School)

Game Day! Don't Let It Go to your Head. Vince Toplosky & Bob Walsh
Akash Bhat (Fairview Middle School) & Matthew Carpenter (Swift Creek Middle School) Ferrofluids to Fight Disease. Hans Van Tol
Asya Adderson (Florida A&M DRS) & Maggie Hulbert (Fort Braden School) Microscopic Metallography. Rongmei Niu
Spencer Gibbs (Maclay School) & Alex Hu (Fairview Middle School) Optimization and Range Finding of The MagLab's Open House Radar. Lloyd Engel
Gabi Bynum (Swift Creek Middle School) & Catharine Tew (Cobb Middle School) Analysis of Crystal Growth. Ryan Baumbach
Caasi Lampkin (Florida State University School) & Rowan Ray (Swift Creek Middle School) Simulation of Structure and Function of Carbon Nanotubes. Jose L. Mendoza-Cortes

The 2015 class included the following Leon County students.


StudentsResearch AreaMentors

Dominic Andrews (Nims Middle School) & Rohan Davidi (Fairview Middle School)

The Polariscope: A Mechanism to Visualize Stress Patterns. Vince Toplosky & Bob Walsh

Julian Lee-Sursin (Fairview Middle School) && Parul Singh (Montford Middle School)

Building a Solar Powered Car Hans Van Tol

Kenzi-Alayna Campbell (Swift Creek Middle School), Katie Mann (Montford Middle School), & Shae Murphy (Trinity Catholic School)

Molecular Level Characterization of Dissolved Organic Matter in Tallahassee Lakes. Amy McKenna

Sanjita Choudhary (Fairview Middle School) & T. Perry O’Connor (Champion Preparatory Academy)

The Acceleration of Gravity. Lloyd Engel
Tanvi Haldiya (Fairview Middle School) & Christopher Simonsen (Deerlake Middle School) The Alternative to Neodymium Ke Han & Dan Brown
Brodrick Brockman (Nims Middle School) & Joseph Torrescano (Cobb Middle School) Arduino Build Gary White
Emily Abbott (Fort Braden School) & Kira Valdes (Cobb Middle School) Photosynthetic Pathway of Bamboo: C3 vs. C4 Yang Wang & Bruce Barnett
Madeline Feiock (Cobb Middle School) & Neha Iyer (Deerlake Middle School) Crystal Synthesis of Cuprate Superconductors Ryan Baumbach

The 2014 class included the following Leon County students.


StudentsResearch AreaMentors

Cameron Curry (Cobb Middle School) & Colin Tweedie (Swiftcreek Middle School)

Refraction of light through electron paramagnetic resonance. Hans VanTol

Rohan Davidi (Fairview Middle School) & Jennifer Wen (Deerlake Middle School)

Using carbon isotopes to identify high fructose corn syrup in bee honey. Yang Wang

Madeline Feiock (Cobb Middle School) & Gabby Thabes (Montford Middle School)

Solvents, sorbents, and crude oil. Amy McKenna

Mickela Helms (Ft. Braden School) & Mallika Misra (Deerlake Middle School)

Design and construction of an electric relay by reverse engineering. David Hilton
James McGee (Nims Middle School), Diksha Jangra (Cobb Middle School), & Blake Thacker (Montford Middle School) Detecting electrical signals within the human brain. Lloyd Engel