Archives of the MagLab's Middle School Mentorship program.

The 2019 class included the following Leon County students.


StudentsResearch AreaMentors
Nicholas Echevarry (Florida State University School) & Cayden Scriven (Raa Middle) Sublimation Turbine Ernesto Bosque
Navya Kommu (Fairview Middle) & Velan Thanasekar (Fairview Middle) Extraction of Essential Oils Martha Chacón-Patiño
Laxmi McGuire (Fairview Middle) & Angela Watts (School of Arts & Sciences) Metronome Synchronization Shalinee Chikara & Elizabeth Green
Alexandria Forbes (Tallahassee School of Math & Science) & Venkat Maddipoti (Maclay School) Optimus Charger: Building a Wireless Transmission Circuit Abiola Temidayo Oloye & Daniel S. Davis
Azavaughn Mosley-Simpson (Florida A&M University School) & Bereket Mulugeta (Swift Creek Middle) Measurements of Tuning Fork Crystals Lloyd Engel
Ani Hatfield (Raa Middle) & Abhigna Konanur (Fairview Middle) Piezo-electric Crystals (Rochelle Salt Crystals) Alyssa Henderson & Kaya Wei
Kavya Kadhirvelu (Fairview Middle) & Noah Summerlin (Cobb Middle) Floor Vibrations in the National MagLab Dmitry Smirnov
Annika Kolar (Fairview Middle) & Sarah Pagan (Swift Creek Middle) Free Radicals in Different Foods Hans van Tol
Christian Ferguson (Woodville School) I’m Not Afraid of Roller Coasters! Here’s Why…. Bob Walsh
Arshiya Desai (Fairview Middle) & Amia Wade (Fort Braden School) Extraction and Analysis of Dissolved Organic Matter From Local Water Bodies Chad Weisbrod & Amy McKenna
Marvin Green III (Florida A&M University School) & Asher Kasper (Maclay School) Arduino Controlled Chiller Monitor Gary White

The 2018 class included the following Leon County students.


StudentsResearch AreaMentors
Julian Chavez (Florida State University School), Rebecca Hillman (Fairview Middle School) Defying the Most Oppressive Law Ernesto Bosque
Alastair Deng (Deerlake Middle School), Akhil Walia (Fairview Middle School) Ultrasonic Levitation Lloyd Engel
Laila Grant (Swift Creek Middle School), Annika Lagy (Fairview Middle School) Extraction, Isolation, & Molecular Characterization of Organic Tea Compounds Amy McKenna
Sariah Dallas (Christ Classical Academy), Za'Nyah Wilkerso (North Florida Christian School) Piezo & pyro-electricity in Rochelle Salts Alyssa Henderson
Shaoyang Ma (Deerlake Middle School), Tanmay Haldiya (Fairview Middle School) Influence of Microstructures on Mechanical Properties Rongmei Niu
Trinity Francis (School of Arts & Science), Camryn Sawyer (Community Leadership Academy) YBCO in a Crucible Ryan Baumbach & Lucas Nelson
Gordon Lichtstein (Maclay School), Karthik V. Vedula (Fairview Middle School) Infrared Spectroscopy & Vision Dmitry Smirnov
Caroline Hunter (Raa Middle School), Saima Khan (Florida State University School) 3-Point Bend Testing Cellphone Glass Vince Toplosky & Bob Walsh
Evie Romano (Maclay School), Chayce Clark (Florida A&M University School) Arduino Controlled Solar Car Han Van Tol
Chimaobi Nwabu (Montford Middle School), Sawan Patel (Nims Middle School), and Nicholas Rose North Florida Christian School Arduino Chiller Temperature Probe Gary White 

The 2017 class included the following Leon County students.


StudentsResearch AreaMentors
Abigail Martin-McKinnie (Cornerstone Learning Community), James David Milford (Maclay School) Three Mystery Metals Identified Vince Toplosky & Bob Walsh
Srividya Donthineni (Fariview Middle School), Angeleena Jackson (Raa Middle School) Resistance Change with Temperature Wei Guo & Nathaniel Garceau
Nirmay Bhanderi - (Maclay School), Karen Salazar- Angeles – (Nims Middle School) Arduino Dust Sensor Gary White
Asya Adderson – (Florida A&M DRS), Mary Jane Summerlin – (Fort Braden School) Micro Dynamic Using Density Functional Theory Chen Huang & Yu-Chieh Chi
Catharine Tew (Cobb Middle School), Elan Wygodski (Swift Creek Middle School) Coffee Beans and Free Radicals Hans Van Tol
Ananda Chaterjee (Fairview Middle School), Alexandro Valdez (Deerlake Middle School) Independently Functional Magnetic Train Lloyd Engel
Paloma Rambana (Maclay School), Ian McFarlin (Trinity Catholic School) Building a Magnetic ID Reader Ernesto Bosque
Janelle Cripe (Montford Middle School), Farzan Shiju (Fairview Middle School) 1D Cyclotron Analog Patrick Noyes
Jevaughan Brown (Fairview Middle School), Mahets’i Martinez (Crossroads Academy Charter School) Rochelle Salt: Piezoelectric and Pyroelectric Properties Jennifer Neu
Zita Boutin-Johnson (Fairview Middle School), Oliver Holden-Schrock (Cornerstone Learning Community) Calibration and Use of a Confocal Microscope Dmitry Smirnov 

The 2016 class included the following Leon County students.


StudentsResearch AreaMentors

Aniketh Mukhirala (Fairview Middle School) & David Yang (Montford Middle School)

Wave Pendulums Dmitry Smirnov

Shemuel Roberts (Florida A&M DRS) & Michael Sweeney (Home School)

Creating a Data Logger for Collecting Wind Direction. Gary Davis

McKenna Parker (Swift Creek Middle School) & Dimitria Tarkalnova (Montford Middle School)

Extraction of DOM in different tea varieties of different geographic origins. Amy McKenna

Terryn Edwards (Florida A&M DRS) & Evelyn Martinez-Angeles (R. Frank Nims Middle School)

Game Day! Don't Let It Go to your Head. Vince Toplosky & Bob Walsh
Akash Bhat (Fairview Middle School) & Matthew Carpenter (Swift Creek Middle School) Ferrofluids to Fight Disease. Hans Van Tol
Asya Adderson (Florida A&M DRS) & Maggie Hulbert (Fort Braden School) Microscopic Metallography. Rongmei Niu
Spencer Gibbs (Maclay School) & Alex Hu (Fairview Middle School) Optimization and Range Finding of The MagLab's Open House Radar. Lloyd Engel
Gabi Bynum (Swift Creek Middle School) & Catharine Tew (Cobb Middle School) Analysis of Crystal Growth. Ryan Baumbach
Caasi Lampkin (Florida State University School) & Rowan Ray (Swift Creek Middle School) Simulation of Structure and Function of Carbon Nanotubes. Jose L. Mendoza-Cortes