REU Class of 2019

Student &SchoolProjectMentors
Hannah Alderson, Florida State University pdfEvolution of Cerebral Hemodynamics with Migraine Onset and Progression Sam Grant
Taylor Ariko, Florida State University pdfDTI-based Hemispheric Differences in the 3xTgAD Model of Alzheimer’s Disease Sam Grant
Rakin N. Baten, University of Florida pdfKondo effect in superconductive tunneling Wan Kyu Park
Courtney Chiu, The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art pdfCopper-niobium interfaces lose structure and become increasingly unstable as the temperature of the system rises. Ke Han
Kristie Dick, Florida State University pdfArizona Test Dust: Purpose and Procedures Pete Morton
Evan Dieppa, Colon University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez pdfStudy of Bi-2212 microstructure evolution (filament bridging) during partial melt processing heat treatment Imam Hossain
Christopher Mann, University of Florida pdfCommissioning a High Field 14T Magnet and Low Temperature Cryostat for Investigation of Quantum Materials Dave Graf
Kelsey Marr, University of Arkansas pdfMonitoring Lipid Phase Transitions of Pulmonary Surfactant Mixtures Joanna Long
Phillip Martin, Cornell University Dimensional Reduction in BaCuSi2O6 Scott Crooker
Orion Van Oss, Columbia University in the City of New York Microscopic Fracture Characterization in Nb3Sn Wires On the image analysis techniques used to collect data on sub-element fractures in Nb3Sn Wires Peter Lee
Christopher Kolste Rakowski, Bucknell University Tetracycline Antibiotic Resistance Through Enzymatic Modification in Bacteriodes Strains Yousong Ding
Hannah Revell, University of Florida pdfOrder-Disorder Transition in the S = ½ Kagome Antiferromagnets Barlowite and Claringbullite Alyssa Henderson
Christian H. Rodriguez, University of Puerto Rico in Humacao pdfAnalyses of Brain Regional Volumes in Alzheimer’s Disease Mouse Models Using Non-Linear Symmetric Normalization Tools in ANTs Marcelo Febo
Benny Schundelmier, University of West Florida pdfOptimization of thermoelectric properties in f-electron cage-like intermetallic compounds Ryan Baumbach
Taniya Thomas, Tuskegee University pdfCharacterization of Sulfur Components in Field Samples from Historic Oil Spills and Seeps Amy Mckenna
Jane Wadhams, Florida State University pdfTowards a Vanadium Isotope Marine Redox Proxy Jeremy Owens
Katrina Webb, The University of Texas at Austin pdfFEM Simulations for The New 90 T Duplex Magnet Doan Nguyen
Nicholas Weisend, The University of Edinburgh pdfArizona Test Dust: Purpose and Procedures Pete Morton
Timothy Yen, Trinity University (San Antonio) pdfProgress Towards Online LC-MS Analysis of Naphthenic Acids Ryan Rodgers
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