REU Class of 2017

Student & SchoolProjectMentors
Julia Peck, Purdue University pdfElectromagnetic Interaction Between the Insert and Outsert Coils of the 105 T Magnet System Doan Nguyen
Eric Britt, Florida State University pdfExplaining Fermi Surfaces William Coniglio
Charles Revello, Montclair State University pdfInvestigating New Phases of K-Mg-Mo-O Crystals Theo Siegrist
Jessica Folsom, Florida State University pdfEPR Analysis of Lipid Ordering Induced by an Antibacterial Lipopeptide Likai Song
Nia Harmon, Florida State University pdfUnveiling Sulfur Speciation by Deconvolution of Low-Resolution Mass Spectrometer Data Yuri Corilo
Abigail Centers, Florida State University pdfA New Approach to Data Management: Design and Implementation of Database Modules for the DC Field Facility Julia Smith
Qutell Adderley, Fisk University pdfElectrical Transport and Magnetic Characterization of Layered NdAuAl4Ge2 Ryan Baumbach
Juan Martinez, Florida State University pdfElectrical Properties of Few Atomic Layers Rhenium Diselenide Field-Effect Transistors Luis Balicas
Harvey Liu, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill pdfDesign of stereotaxic head holders for rodent fMRI Marcelo Febo
Linsey Rodenbach, Florida State University pdfElectrorefining Depleted Uranium (dU) Stan Tozer
Ariana Espinosa, University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez Campus pdfBiocatalytic Halogenation of l-Tryptophan Using FAD-dependent Halogenases RebH and PyrH Yousong Ding
Jonathan Mercado, University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez pdfExamination of contaminants inside of Glovebox using a Mass Spectrometer Yesusa Collantes
Kyle Buchholz, University of Florida pdfHigh-Cycle Fatigue of Inconel 718 Bob Walsh
Cameron Davis, Tallahassee Community College pdfMolecular Investigation of Surface Water Chemistry in the Munson Slough/Lake Munson Watershed in St. Marks-Wakulla River Basin by FT-ICR Mass Spectrometry Amy McKenna
Nicholas Samlal, Tallahassee Community College pdfSegmentation of Leukoaraiosis using Neural Network Thomas Mareci
Caila DeAbreu, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University pdfMaterial Database for Resistive and Pulse Magnets Ke Han
Greg Fritjofson, Trevecca Nazarene University pdfMaterial Characterization For High Field Magnet Technologies Yan Xin
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