REU Class of 2016

Student & SchoolProjectMentors
Carlos Billini, Universidad de Puerto Rico pdfSite-specific Mutagenesis and Protein Purification of HIV-1 Protease for DEER Conformational Study Gail Fanucci
Tyler Bird, UC San Diego pdfProcessing Effects on Grain Size in K-Ba122 Samples Yesusa Collantes
Eric Britt, Florida State University pdfThermodynamic Calculations of FeC under Magnetic Field Ke Han
Kyle Buchholz, University of Florida pdfDigital Image Correlation Strain Analysis of Geometric Stress Concentrations Bob Walsh
John Chan, University of Texas at Dallas pdfEffects of leukoaraiosis on whole brain connectivity Tom Mareci
Samuel Cherrier-Vickers, Florida State University pdfTuning Magnetic Properties of Spinel CoV2O 4 Christianne Beekman
Jason Cote, Florida State University pdfCharacterization of a CCl Model of Traumatic Brain Injury Sam Grant
Nathaniel Falb, Florida State University pdfSynthesis and Characterization of Novel Rare-Earth Oxychloride Single Crystals Theo Siegrist
Jamie Hamilton, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University pdfMulti-frequency, high-field epr investigation of high spin cobalt 2+ complexes Andrzej Ozarowski
Nia Harmon, Florida State University pdfUnveiling sulfur speciation by deconcolution of low-resolution mass spectrometer data Amy McKenna
Dylan Kolb-Bond, Florida State University pdfHigh Field Magnet Design Iain Dixon
Stephanie Marxsen, Florida State University pdfUsing a High-Throughput Screening Algorithm to Find Chelating Agents for Separation of Radioactive Waste Jose Cortes
Quyen Nguyen, The University of Texas at Austin pdfMechanical Interaction Between the Insert and Outsert Coils of 100T Magnet System Doan Nguyen
Erik Olson, Florida State University pdfDesign and Construction of a High Temperature Superconducting 1.5mm Cryogenically Cooled NMR Probe with Absence of Gold Overlayer Bill Brey
Mary Powell, Florida State University pdfTesting the utility of thallium isotopes to track dissolved oxygen using modern marine sediments Jeremy Owens
Rhea-Donna Reyes, New York University pdfProbing the Effect of Electric Substitution on the Correlated Electron Physics in CeNi2Ge2 Ryan Baumbach
Daniel Suen, University of Florida pdfAutomated Laser Tuning Steve McGill
Brent Summers, Florida State University pdfSupply of Natural and Industrial Aerosols to the Artic Ocean Concentrations and Isotopic Compositions Peter Morton
Jacob Walley, Gardner-Webb University pdfProduction of Photosolublized Carbon in the Presence of Dispersant Phoebe Ray & David Podgorski
Morgan Walker, University of Florida pdfImproving sensitivity in contactless conductivity measurements Applications to superconductors, metals, and magnetic systems William Coniglio
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