REU Class of 2015

Student & SchoolProjectMentors
Deanna Bousalis, Florida State University pdfAnalysis of Cellulose Hydrolysis Kinetics John Telotte
Jamie Burke, Florida State University pdfRadio Frequency Signal Leakage in Mutilated Micro-Coaxial Cable Stan Tozer
Ramon Cabrera,Stony Brook University pdfA Conformational Study of Validity of a Valproic Acid Induced Rat Model of the Autism Spectrum Disorder. Marcelo Febo (UF)
Winston Chu, Florida State University pdfArduino Control System for a Temperature Bath Theo Siegrist
Anne Collar, Florida State University  pdfDuchenne Muscular Dystrophy Genetic Modifiers Glenn Walter (UF)
Hector Colon, University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez pdfOptimization of Milling and Sintering time in Synthesis of K-doped Ba-122 Superconductor Eric Hellstrom
Brian Giraldo, Montclair State University pdfSynthesis and Reduction of K5BiMo4O16 Theo Siegrist
Leon Gonzalez, Florida State University pdfLithium Diffusion in Graphene System through Molecular Dynamics Jose Cortes
Jasmine James, Claflin University pdfSystems Genetics of cold tolerance in a natural population of Drosophila melanogaster Dan Hahn
Sania Kamran, University of Miami pdfFree Water Difference in the Cerebellum and Basal Ganglia of Essential Tremor Patients David Vaillancourt (UF)
Brittany Keys, Jackson State University pdfInstrumentation for High Magnetic Fields Chris Beedle (LANL)
Mishu Khan (Amanatullah Khan) , University of Florida pdfAnalysis of Magnet Stability Under Various Parameters via Using a Modified Superconducting Coil Simulation Code (GANDALF) Iain Dixon
Hannah Landy, Hampton University pdfMeasuring the Concentration of Anions in Aqueous Samples by Ion Chromatography Bill Landings
Kaylee Ludden, University of Florida pdfConstruction of a continuous flow high-field pasadena hydrogenation reactor for analysis of stereoselectivity of concerted addition to triple bonds. Russ Bowers (UF)
Brittany McGregor, Florida State University pdfExtraction of Lithium From Seawater Using Ion Exchange Chromatography Roy Odom
Colleen Munroe, Roger Williams University pdfDetermination Of Spin-Lattice Relaxation Times Of 7Li Doped With Various Concentrations Of Mn(Ii) Bill Brey
Raysa Pereira, Buffalo State College - SUNY pdfDevelopment of High Field Magnet Technology for High Temperature Superconductor - 2223 Initiative Arno Godeke
Carena Ramos, Washington State University pdfDecomposition of Two Dimensional 13C-13C Solid State NMR Correlation Spectra for Structural Determination of Proteins Zhehong Gan
Nikole Roland, Gardner-Webb University pdfPhotochemical Degradation of Petroleum-Derived Water-Soluble Organics into Dissolved Organic Matter David Podgorski
Scott Saunders, Iowa State University pdfSynthesis and Characterization of CeCu2Si2-xPx Ryan Baumbach
Alysha Sheets, Tallahassee Community College pdfSolvent Extraction of Organic Compounds from Shale Rock Amy McKenna
Brent Summers, Florida State University pdfSupply of Natural and Industrial Aerosols to the Indian Ocean Peter Morton
Damon Williams, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University pdfRheology of Fmoc-FF/Methanol Hydrogel Subramanian Ramakrishnan
Tatiana Yugay, Simmons College pdfHigh power microwave beam-splitter Steve Hill
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