REU Class of 2013

Participant & SchoolProjectMentors

Efrosini Artikis, Florida State University

pdfCharacterization of amyloid β-peptide self-association in presence of vitamin B12

Anant Paravastu

Joseph Andler, Marietta College, OH

pdfCharacterization of BeCu, MP35N, and WC:Ni6 to Enhance Pressure Cells Stan Tozer

Chiara Beckner, Carleton College, MN

Magnetodielectric Coupling in Multiferroics

Vivien Zapf

Breshawn Best, Harvard University, MA

pdfInsulation of Bi-2212 Superconducting Wire Jun Lu
David Brickler, Morehouse College, GA pdfAnalysis of the Properties of Superconducting Spiral Resonators Bill Brey

Grace Chrzanowski, Florida State University

pdfMR Electrical Impedance Tomography of Acetylcholine Induced Neural Activity Sam Grant
Marcos Corchado, U. of Puerto Rico Mayaguez pdfDesign of a pressure cell for 1 GPa heat treatments of ferropnictide (BaFe2As,2) superconductors Eric Hellstrom 
Steve Geller, University of Florida pdfCatalyst Preparation and Characterization for Use in Para-Hydrogen Induced Polarization of Propylene Hydrogenation Reactions Russ Bowers 

Amakia Gibson, Claflin University, SC

pdfMetabolism during Cold Exposure in Drosophila melanogaster Art Edison
David Gonzalez, Florida State University pdfTracing the Molecular Speciation of Neurotoxic Mercury in Grouper Fish Skeletal Muscle Tissue and Liver Tissue Using Isotopic Signatures Vincet Perrot
Robyn Hall, College of Saint Benedict, MN  EPR on Oxalate Decarboxylase Alex Angerhofer

Justin Jensen, Florida State University 

pdfGrowth and Characterization of Deuterated L-Alanine Doped Triglycine Sulfate (DLATGS) Theo Siegrist 

Sarah Marks, Arizona State University

pdfMicrostructural Analysis of Thick Section Austenitic Steel Weldments Bob Walsh

Stefan McCarty, Rhodes College, TN

pdfRegulating Magnetic Field Fluctuations While Pulsing Field Gradients Bill Brey

Navid Mirnazari, University of Florida 

pdfOpen Single-File Channel Persistence Length in Crystalline Dipeptide Nanochannels Russ Bowers

Lauren Paladino, University of South Florida

pdfElectron Paramagnetic Resonance Transmission Probe Design and Testing Steve Hill

Emily Ralby, Florida State University

pdfProvenance of the Moon through the Comparison of Isotopic Abundances of 50 Ti IN Terrestrial, Lunar and Martian Samples Munir Humayun

William Rieger, Rowan University, NJ

pdfEffects of Rapidly Changing Applied Magnetic Fields on the Magnetic Ordering Characteristics of Metal-Organic Multiferroics Vivien Zapf

Dennice Roberts, Florida State University

pdfPhotomechanical Responses in Polymerized Azobenzene Jim Brooks

Kevin Rueswald, Florida State University

pdfEffect of Temperature and Relative Air Humidity on the Electrical and Morphological Properties of Self-Assembling Peptide RADA16-I Theo Siegrist

Louie Vegara, U. of California Santa Cruz

pdfHTS Persistent Magnet for 30T? Doan Nguyen

Brenda Villasenor, University of Washington

pdfEffects on the Magnetic Properties and Nanostructure of Mn-Al Magnetic Material by Cryogenic Milling Ke Han

Zachary Windom, Mississippi State University

pdfHeat Machine Based on Differential Helical-Elastic Thermal Actuator with Mechanisms to Determine Degradation Jim Brooks

Stephanie Wyche, Claflin University, SC

pdfComputational Method for Determining Peak Locations in an INADEQUATE Art Edison
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