REU Class of 2011

Participant & SchoolProjectMentors

Kedrick Vaughans, U. of Alabama

pdfRutherford Backscattering Calibration

Maitri Warusawithana

Justin Mincey, Bethune-Cookman U

pdfIncreasing Materials Strength of 350 Grade Maraging Steel by Cold Rolling and Aging for Higher Field Magnets

Yan Xin

Terrie Kweifio, Virginia Tech

pdfThe Combination of Direct Analysis in Real Time with Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry

Vlad Lobodin

Eugene Milshteyn, University of Florida

pdfLocating the Hard Plane of Fe8 using a 9/5/1 Superconducting Vector Magnet

Steve Hill

Jorge Gonzalez, U. Puerto Rico Mayaguez

pdfRefurbishing and Optimizing a DTA to Analyze Iron-Pnictide

Eric Hellstrom

Alesha Shorts, Garner-Webb University

pdfMolecular Characterization of the Water-Soluble Species Extracted from the Deepwater Horizon Crude by Negative-Ion Electrospray Ionization FT-ICR Mass Spectrometry

Jackie Jarvis

Cody Lamarche, U. of Vermont

pdfMagnetic Circular Dichroism of Discotic Organic Semiconductor Crystalline Thin Films

Steve McGill

Ashley Huff, FSU 

pdfRutherford Backscattering Calibration 

Maitri Warusawithana 

Graham Hawkes, UNC- Chapel Hill 

pdfCavity Resonant Modes, On-chip and Off-chip Studies 

Irinel Chiorescu 

Daniel Escobedo, FSU 

pdfAnalysis of Filament Fractures in Bronze Processed, Nb3Sn Strands

Peter Lee 

Kejing Jiang, Cornell University 

pdfQuantitative analysis of grain boundary dislocation core atomic structures in high-Tc superconductor YBCO 

Yan Xin 

Michelle Sokoll, FSU 

pdfSPIO Nanoparticle Labeling of Rat Microglia Cells Utilizing MR Microscopy 

Sam Grant 

Jason Allen, FAMU 

pdfPower T/R Switch for NMR Application 

Kiran Shetty 

Michael Wei, Duke 

pdfSolid State Amorphization on the Properties of Materials 

Ke Han 

Andrew Wray, FSU 

pdfDigital Image Correlation for Measurement of In-Plane Deformation with Vic-2D in Air and Water 

Robert Walsh 

Esha Atolia, MIT 

pdfManagement of Ultrahigh-Resolution FT-ICR Mass Spectrometry Crude Oil Data 

Ryan Rodgers 

Jillian Harrison, Claflin University 

pdfHeat-Induced Stress Response of Caenorhabditis elegans 

Art Edison 

Aaron Shepard, Claflin University 

pdfProtocol Development for a Metabolomics Approach to Understanding Cold Tolerance in Drosophila Melanogaster 

Art Edison 

Matthew Calkins, University of Florida

pdfConstruction and Operation of a Differential Hall Element Magnetometer 

Mark Meisel 

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