REU Class of 2010

Participant & SchoolProjectMentors

Jane Anstey, Florida State University

pdfLocalization of Targeting Fusions with a mKate2.7 Fluorescent Protein

Michael Davidson

Roman Ciapurin, U. Central Florida

pdfTransport Properties of Underdoped La2SrxCuO4 Superconductors

Dragana Popovic

Michael Cole, Morehouse College

pdfNanostructured Materials in CuAg by Cyclic Cold Rolling

Ke Han

Fenner Colson, Minnesota State U-Moorhead

pdfHeat Transfer In Helium Injected Liquid Nitrogen

Steve Van Sciver

Akshita Dutta, U. California Berkeley

pdfSolar Panels as a Source of Noise-free Power

Irinel Chiorescu

Mary Gurak, University of Texas Dallas

pdfMagnetoelectric Coupling in Chromium Triangles

Ross McDonald

Joe Kedrowski, Grand Valley State U

pdfTemporal Dependency on YBCO Joint Soldering Procedure With a Solder Temperature of 195°C

Denis Markiewicz

James McClain, Haverford College

pdfThermo-Mechanical Finite Element Analysis of an HTS Current Lead by Means of ANSYS

Andy Gavrilin

Luis Medina, UPR-Mayaguez 

pdfAn Approach to the Free Radical Organic BDPA using Electron Paramagnetic Resonance

Steven Hill 

Justin Mincey, Bethune Cookman

pdfMicrostructure Characterization of Current Blocking Defects in YBCO Coated Semiconductors for Potential Magnet Applications

Yan Xin

Rana Mohammed, Ohio Wesleyan University

pdfProperties of UV Cured Epoxy for YBCO Insulation of the 32T Superconducting Magnet

Jun Lu

Valerie Pezzullo, FSU

pdfElastic response of a superconductor between 17 and 340 K by Resonant Ultrasound Spectroscopy

Victor Fanelli

Alexander Ruiz, Gulf Coast University

pdfHigh Field, High Resolution MR Imaging of Atherosclerotic Lesion Development & Regression in the Post-Menopausal Hamster Brain

Sam Grant

Natalie Schmitt, UPR-Mayaguez

pdfCharacterization of Co-doped BaFe2As2 thin film

Eric Hellstrom

Aaron Shepard, Claflin 

Pheromone Analysis of C. Elegans Using NMR Spectroscopy

Art Edison 

Alex Sincore, University of Florida

pdfDifferential Hall Element Magnetometer for Room Temperature Magnetization Measurements 

Mark Meisel 

Michelle Sokoll, Florida State University 

pdfIntracellular Delivery of Gadolinium in CHO Cells using Pyrenebutyrate 

Sam Grant 

Brandon Strange, FSU 

pdfThe Structure and Magnetism of Single Crystal DyFe1MnO3 

Haidong Zhou 

Donovan Thompson, University of Florida 

pdfThe Low Temperature Magnetic Properties of Bulk and Nanoparticle DPPH 

Mark Meisel 

Francisco Valle, UPR-Mayaguez 

Electroplating Bi-2212 Wire to Improve Superconducting Properties 

Eric Hellstrom 

William Ware, Lamar University 

pdfUsing Femtosecond Electron Diffraction to Study Dynamical Structures and Transient States 

Jim Cao 

Yer Yang, Columbus State University 

pdfAn Investigation of Factors that Affect the Mass Range of Atmospheric Pressure Laser Induced Acoustic Desorption Chemical Ionzation (AP/LIAD-CI) 

Leonard Nyadong 

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