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REU Class of 2008

Florida State University, Tallahassee

Participant & SchoolProjectMentors

Julia Bourg, Florida State University

Low Temperature RF Tunnel Diode Oscillator Probe for Heavy Fermion Superconductor CeCo.999Fe.001In5 

Stan Tozer 

Daniel Brown, Wabash College

pdfThermal Expansion of Nb3 Sn and JK2 LB Steel at Cryogenic Temperatures 

Jun Lu

Alicia Calero, Florida State University 

pdfDiffusion MRI as a Biomarker in Cancer Therapy 

Victor Schepkin 

John Carpino, Florida State University 

pdfThe Production of Sr2 VO4 for Neutron Scattering Experiment 

Chris Wiebe 

Alex Long, Florida State University 

pdfCrystal Growth of Multiferroic Material Gadolinium Molybdate Gd2 (MoO4)3 

Chris Wiebe 

Amanda Lounsbury, Occidental College 

pdfSimulation of Spin-Spin Coupling Dynamics in EPR 

Eric Palm 

Meghan McNulty, Princeton University 

pdfThermal Conductivity of Aerogel Insulation for Cryogenic Applications 

Sylvie Fuzier

Vivek Pal, Florida State University 

pdfMulti-Dimensional NMR Data Processing: From Time Domain to Frequency Domain using Wavelets and Matrix Decompositions 

Zhehong Gan 

Ashley Perko, MIT 

pdfSimulation of Spin-Spin Coupling Dynamics in EPR 

Irinel Chiorescu 

Guillermo Vargas, University of Texas El Paso

pdfSurface Finish and Tensile Strength of Cu/Nb Sheets

Ke Han 

Pedro Vargas, University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez 

pdfHot Isostatic Pressing C-Doped Magnesium Diboride 

Eric Hellstrom 

Los Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico

Participant & SchoolProjectMentors

Kristen Collar, Florida State University

pdfSynthesis and Magnetic Properties of the Actinide Impurity (Uranium) Doped CaB6 and YCo2 

Chuck Mielke 

Mary Gurak, University of Texas Dallas 

Using Electron Paramagnetic Resonance to Investigate Magnetoelectric Effects in Low Dimensional Organic Molecular Magnets 

Ross McDonald 

University of Florida, Gainesville

Participant & SchoolProjectMentors

Miguel Bencomo, University of Texas El Paso 

pdfPressure Induced Changes of theMagnetization of Mn7 Molecules 

Mark Meisel 

Juan Garcia, University of Texas El Paso 


Art Edison

Oscar Lopez, University of Texas El Paso 


Art Edison 

Shea McKeon, Bowdoin College 

Code Development for a Home-built NMR Spectrometer Based on the Pulse-Blaster-DDS-III Card

Russ Bowers 

Alex Svoronos, Brown University 

Microimaging Probe Body Insert for In Vivo Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Mouse Anatomy 

Glenn Walter 

Daniel Torres, University of Texas El Paso 


Art Edison 

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